The Stretch Monster Kid Returns!

A wonderful thing happened today in the Facebook Vintage Toys group I manage with some friends. We got a visit from Mike, who is Mike you ask? He’s the kid on the Stretch Monster box! Mike’s gurning on that package is easily one of the most iconic 70s toy images out there. In fact, he […]

Introducing Satin Monster

Presenting the latest release by Odeon Toys, Satin Monster, one of our mascots,  is a limited edition 8 inch action figure in the 70s Mego style. He comes complete with genuine vintage threads (real thrift store clothing was murdered to create each figure) and packed with more manliness than is allowed in the state of […]

Kenner Stretch Armstrong Archive Debuts

Stretch Armstrong is one of the most recognizable and succesful toy concepts of the 1970s. Launched by Kenner toys in 1977, Stretch Armstrong would become a household name for generation X kids everywhere. The unique concept of making an action figure out of latex and corn syrup would create a buzz and see many a […]

Stretch Monster Is NOT Indestructable

I recently parted with my vintage Stretch Monster box, realizing that I am somehow cursed to never own the figure itself. While packing it up I never noticed that I owned the original instructions and there is no better time to look at a Monster’s instructions than October, more after the jump: I want to […]

Mom Vs Monster

Muppet John sent in some toy love with this classic shot of his mom grappling with his Stretch Monster on what looks like Christmas morn. Stretch Monster should know better than to mess with Mom, no toy can defeat her! Thanks John!

Colouring Book Theatre :Stretch Armstrong and Stretch Monster

‘Stretch Armstrong and Stretch Monster” by Resource Publishers I think every child of the 1970s at least remembers Stretch Armstrong. I’ve relayed my own childhood experience with the big guy several times here. Also, Stretch Monster is the vintage toy I just seem unable to own, I’ve tried for like 20 years to get my hands […]