Plaid Stallions 18th Birthday Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Plaid Stallions 18th Birthday Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED

PlaidStallions Birthday Contest Winners

PlaidStallions Birthday Contest Winners

I’m happy to be announcing the winners of our 18th Birthday contest, as chosen by a random number generator and not by your Favourite Love Boat guest because your favourite is the right answer.

Before I start, I just want to say how normal I feel right now. I watch Love Boat all the time and it seems so do a lot of you, it’s nice to find your tribe.

Below are the lucky folks and their choices, which are very diverse; a lot of people chose Robby the Robot (I forgot about that one) or Andy Warhol. 

A note to all the winners, if you provided your email, I’ll be getting in touch looking for your address.


Plaid Stallions 18th Birthday Contest- Stretch Monster Inflatable


The ten folks below will receive an Infl8able Monster in its limited edition packaging.  These are the same figures that come with issue 12 of Toy-Ventures Magazine, but in a special “Rack Toy” package. We’re only making 150 of these with a custom header card by the amazing Peter Carsillo; these will be sold on the site and at shows soon, but you can get one absolutely free.

  • Michael Karnowka (Paul Williams)
  • Doug Palumbo (Charles Nelson Reily/ Nicholas Hammond)
  • Robert Anderson (Loni Anderson)
  • Ken Syinide (Sonny Bono)
  • Eric Quakenbush (Tom Hanks)
  • Chuck (Loni Anderson)
  • Brett (Don Adams)
  • Will Buchard (Adrienne Barbeau)
  • Stan Tychinski (Randolph Mantooth)
  • Jason Allgood (Bill Bixby)




Lincoln Monsters Pins

this complete set of Lincoln Monsters collector pins and an Infl8able Monster gos to:

  • William J. Bivens (Bob Denver)



PlaidStallions 18th Birthday ContestHOW TO

Grand Prize is an assortment of cool items from the PlaidStallions Shop with some various “Vintage Toy Surprises” in the mix, Contents include:


Lucien Desar is our grand prize winner and hey, his choice is perfect, the one, the only CHARO!


I Consider Charo the “fifth Beatle” of the Love Boat Cast, so I’m glad she showed up here at least once.

Thank you all SO much for playing along and being so cool these last 18 years, can’t wait for the 19th birthday, mainly cause that’s drinkin’ age here.

Stay weird because normal is boring.



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Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue #12 Stretch Monster

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5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week


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Plaid Stallions 18th Birthday Contest

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