Forgive the deeply nerdy title, after years of getting outbid, I finally landed an AHI Mr Spock Bop bag for a decent price. I was shocked to see how small the box really was! Curiousity over this piece made me whip it out of the box and inflating my Vulcan sparring partner. Spock does indeed […]

The human adventure is just beginning…

Star Trek : The Motion Picture holds a special place in my heart but the rack toys don’t hold a candle to the cool stuff companies like AHI put out for the original series. AHI made a myriad phaser guns, flying enterprises and parachuting spocks,  Larami gave us …wallets. Wallets that are exactly the same  in every way […]

Scenes from Toyfair 1976

If there is a toy company that I would like to have a catalog from, it’d be Shindana, they made some neat-o toys in the mid seventies and their president had the world’s greatest sideburns. A shot of the 1976 Azrak Hamway booth shows the two different sizes of Mr. Spock Bop Bags. It’s funny […]

British Phaser

I’m a sucker for purty toy packaging and these shots of the UK version of the Star Trek Phaser just had me drooling. It’s so nice that I’ll forgive the dye job on Shatner’s hair. Thanks to Ebay seller retrotoyboy for letting me use these. More Trekky things to look at:

Dreams of Glory

Ok, I would so totally use a set of these on my bed today. This picture also features one of my favourite things, the use of toys in the child’s bedroom set. For some reason, I really like that extra detail, I probably need to get out more. That’s the Dinky Toys Enterprise by the […]

Colouring Book Theatre : Star Trek

Today’s colouring book comes from Sharry aka Hardygirl and it’s one I’m excited to have here.Star Trek was always on when I was growing up thanks to my sister’s obsession with William Shatner, I was convinced as a kid that it was a filmation saturday morning series like Ark 2. In the 70’s most Star […]