Dreams of Glory

Dreams of Glory

Ok, I would so totally use a set of these on my bed today. This picture also features one of my favourite things, the use of toys in the child’s bedroom set. For some reason, I really like that extra detail, I probably need to get out more. That’s the Dinky Toys Enterprise by the way, one of the cooler 70’s Star Trek Toys IMO.

Nothing says “1976” more than the Six Million Dollar Man and Evel Knievel, the matching curtains are just too cool. That’s an Ideal Evel crash car on the nightstand BTW. I slept in a hammy down bed which you couldn’t get kids sheets for, so I had to settle for pillow cases, if you had these, I envy you.

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  • Arkonbey on July 21, 2008

    Man. Those Star Trek sheets are fantastic. I was lucky enough to have the Star Wars sheet/blanket set. I think I still have one pillowcase (what? bed linen doesn’t last more than 30 years?)

  • wurwolf on July 21, 2008

    “It’s far out fun with exciting Star Trek heroes!”

    God. I love 1970s copy.

  • chunky B on July 21, 2008

    I’m right there with you on using these today, I guess that’s why my wife is in charge of decorating… I love the staged stuff too, made it that much cooler to look at the catalogs when you were a kid.

    BTW, hands down one of the coolest Star Trek toys, I still have mine, plan on featuring it soon!

  • Dancin' Homer on July 21, 2008

    I can just feel those thin, rough bedspreads, and I can smell the dye used to color them.

    I only had one set of liscensed sheets/spread as a kid, and it was Peanuts. Worse yet, it was for a fullsized bed, b/c for about ages 6-8 my brother and I had to share a bed! Once the bunkbeds came, I always wanted one of these types of sets, but never got one.

  • Neal on July 21, 2008

    I had that Star Trek bed spread and some light blue Star Trek sheets to go with it. The sheets weren’t quite as accurate in their depictions (I think Kirk had a red shirt on). It was always stressful when my Mom had to wash the Star Trek sheets and I had to make due in the mean time with a basketball bed set that I got past down from a friend (I hated basketball).

  • Anonymous on July 24, 2008

    I had a dark blue Star Trek bedspread with different illustrations of the characters. When my parents moved one of the twin bunk beds from my room, my mother turned the other Star Trek bedspread into curtains. (And yet I still turned out semi-normal…)

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