1979 Kingsford Star Force Catalog

Following the blitz of Star Wars, a lot of previously unknown companies began cashing in on what the toy industry called the “Sci-Fi craze” of the late 70s. These toys were often lower-priced generic toys that likely offered better margins for the toy retailer. Kingsford’s line of Star Force toys is one of those lines […]

1978 Milton Bradley Electronics Catalog

In 1978, Milton Bradley who had already been known for board games for well over 100 years,  brought the world some inventive and memorable electronic offerings in the form of Simon and Star Bird. While primitive by today’s standards in the late 70s, these were high tech and hours of fun. Click Here to visit the 1978 Milton […]

Star Bird Trading Card

Card #27 is Milton Bradley’s Star Bird Avenger, this card wasn’t decided by me or the factor of what I had as a kid, to be honest I was never aware of this toy back in ’79. I held a contest at the Mego Museum Trading Card Forum (where you can trade PS cards) and […]

Star Bird

Star Bird was created by Milton Bradley, it’s cool electronic features set it apart from the more obvious Star Wars inspired toys of the day (like this stuff). The command base practically begs you to use your star wars figures on it!