5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

  Slam Bam Diesels (eBay Link)– I do not recall this toy line, which brilliantly merges Smash Up Derby with RC cars. I will, however, be stealing “Slam Bam Diesels” should I ever form a dad garage band.     Batman Stained Glass Kit (eBay Link) — I could do a “5 Awesome Batman crafts […]

1978 Kenner SSP/ Smash Up Derby Catalog

SSP stood for “Super Sonic Power” and it was one of Kenner’s flagship brands in the 1970s, mostly because of the popularity of “Smash Up Derby” a toy that combined boys love of cars with their desire to wreck stuff (Genius). 1978 saw a lot of goodness with the introduction of Monsters, Vans and Star […]

Bionic Ink

I recently met a fellow named Shannon through facebook and he shared his amazing 70’s toylove body art with me. Above is his tribute to the Kenner Bionic Man doll.The Marx Green Machine was the stuff of legend where I grew up, every kid wanted one.It all ends with this brilliant tribute to Kenner’s Smash […]