1978 Kenner SSP Catalog-Star Wars-Monsters

1978 Kenner SSP Catalog-Star Wars-Monsters

1978 Kenner SSP Catalog

SSP stood for “Super Sonic Power” and it was one of Kenner’s flagship brands in the 1970s, mostly because of the popularity of “Smash-Up Derby” a toy that combined boys love of cars with their desire to wreck stuff (Genius).

1978 saw a lot of goodness with the introduction of Monsters, Vans and Star Wars to the line, such a cool brew of fun.


1978 Kenner SSP Catalog

Kenner’s SSP Star Wars vans were a great example of a label slap, where you decal an existing toy with a license. This was probably due to Kenner wanting to get as much Star Wars merch out as possible at the time. The Drag Race of the Galaxy set does look pretty bad ass. I wonder if anybody has a real van that looks like these? That has to exist right?


1978 Kenner SSP Catalog

Kenner SSP Smash Up Derby was an ever-green toy for the company, these junk yard cars got redecorated every so often but were insanely popular when I was growing up. Heck, I had a set, which wasn’t much fun when you don’t have a sibling close in age.


1978 Kenner SSP Catalog


Aw yeah, the 1970s were ALL ABOUT Van culture, which I sorely miss. These things look amazing, I especially love the Jaws-inspired shark.


These Monster SSP cars are amazing, each came with a T-Shirt Iron-On too, just because it was 1978. I don’t collect cars but I’d love that Frankenstein and excuse but doesn’t the Gargoyle look like a certain someone from the black lagoon?



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