Bionic Ink

Bionic Ink

bionic man tatoo
I recently met a fellow named Shannon through facebook and he shared his amazing 70’s toylove body art with me. Above is his tribute to the Kenner Bionic Man doll.
green machine tatoo
The Marx Green Machine was the stuff of legend where I grew up, every kid wanted one.
smash up derby tatoo
It all ends with this brilliant tribute to Kenner’s Smash Up Derby. My thanks to Shannon for sharing these, tattoo’s and 70’s toys make sense considering Dr. Steel was the first action figure with one.

bricks internet picks
The Aquaman Shrine is blogging about Our Ways Studios Superhero Stand Ups today, for those not familiar with Our Ways studios you can also check out this entry.

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  • Anonymous on March 31, 2008

    the 6mdm tatoo is HYSTERICAL! very fun to see………..


  • Arkonbey on April 1, 2008

    Man! That is great stuff. If your face doesn’t show your age, your tattoo subject matter should.

    Smash Up Derby cars forever!

    (in a side note, isn’t it funny how the interior of the 6mdm’s arm featured, not servos, but speaker wire held on by screws and a guage?)

  • wurwolf on April 1, 2008

    Oh! Arms! I was thinking the body parts that are sporting the Smash Up Derby cars were legs, and I was just the tiniest bit disturbed.

    Also on a side note, arkonbey, we went to see the Mountain Goats a couple of weeks ago. It was… okay. Actually pretty disappointing. John Darnielle was sick, and while I appreciate the show-must-go-on sentiment, he was really out of it. It was an extremely short set list, all low-key songs, and he looked like he was going to pass out the entire time. I guess I’d be complaining if the show had been cancelled, too, but if I’m going to drive an hour and a half into Philadelphia, find parking, stand in line in the freezing cold for three hours, and then stand around for another two hours in a church basement to watch a show, I’d like it to be a pretty damn good show. Still… it was great to see them live, even as sad as it was. We’d like to try to catch them again when he’s in top form. :o)

  • Arkonbey on April 1, 2008


    Oh, man. I’m sorry about the show. It is a tough call when you’re sick. I saw the Dresden Dolls last year where Brian was ill in the motel and it was just Amanda (she called Brian on her cellphone and we all yelled for him to get well). And At least the Mountain Goats played your neck of the woods, they don’t seem to want to travel up to Vermont 🙁

    On a plus note for your show, it’s always a good sign that you’ll travel over an hour to see musician you’re into; if you don’t you’re in danger of being grown up.

  • wurwolf on April 1, 2008

    Funny you should mention that, I was complaining like a cranky old crankster about being too old to stand in line for hours on end.

    Done with that, though. Now I’m just complaining that the show was too short and I didn’t get my $14 worth.

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