Toy-Ventures 10: Slade Super Agent from Shindana Toys

This week’s installment of Toy Ventures is all about one of the coolest action figures of the 1970s, Slade: Super Agent by Shindana.  We talk about Slade but also a little bit about the company that was Shindana toys and how they changed the landscape for the better.   Visit us online at   Twitter: @plaidstallions  […]

Shindana Toy Center

I love seeing stuff like this 1977 article and especially a  whole store display of Shindana merchandise like the JJ Walker plush, Wanda and of course, the amazing Slade Super Agent dolls.

The Origin of Slade

It should be obvious by now that I have a mild obsession with the Shindana Slade doll, which most would instantly recognize as being a non licensed doll version of Richard Roundtree in Shaft, it’s pretty obvious but as I explored a little further I noticed some other factors that inspired the so called “Super Agent’s […]