5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Children’s Elvira Halloween Costome (eBay Link)- I think this may be the first one of these I’ve ever seen for sale, I only recently found out it got made. Imagineering had a licensing deal with Elvira in 1990 and made oodles of merchandise including this. Dressing a little kid as Elvira was not well received […]

Tonka Winnebago

  I never had this as a kid but because of “Shazam!”, I totally wanted it. Also, I required a Mego Shazam figure to pull this off right.    My current retirement dream is to own a real one and you’d better believe I’m putting that lightning bolt on the front. Get the expanded digital […]

Mr. Mentor’s Autograph

After watching the Shazam! movie last night (It’s a lot of fun), I was reminded of how obsessed I was with the Filmation series as a kid/adult.  One of my favourite pieces I’ve found is this Mr. Mentor promotional “autograph” from the series. Seeing as Les is no longer with us, it’s the best I’ll ever […]

Superheroes and Apes in Japan

I was elated to find this ad full of Ourway Studios Superhero and Planet of the Apes merch in a Japanese issue of StarLog. Especially mind warping is those Superhero stamp albums, which I totally had and collected as a kid. I wonder if they still accept orders…… Check out the Our Way Studios catalog […]

Super Babies!

The Amsco Super Babies never warmed to me as a superhero loving kindergartener, I was well into Mego action figures by this point and Shazam’s inaccurate red hair bugged me even then. As an adult, I think they’re one of the most charming bits of 70s Superhero merch.  I’m pleased top announce that things have almost […]

Mighty Men of Action and Adventure

I’ve posted bits of this before in the dial up days but I don’t think I’ve shown the whole ad. I’m just in awe, I’d wear the majority of these right now especially the Famous Monsters and Tarzan. Also, it’s weird to see Shazam! designs yet only one Batman.

World’s Greatest Super School Supplies

I found this ruler on Ebay a few months ago, i collect Superhero school supplies (sorry ladies, I’m spoken for) but the more interesting thing to me was the hi-jacking of the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes packaging art. Many of these images were specifically drawn by Mego and didn’t appear on other company products, while […]

Super Belts

My buddy Steve sent me this great sales sheet for these awesome Superhero belt buckles I’m sure I saw in the Heroes World catalog when I was in short pants. It’s a wonderful pistache of mid 70s Superhero merchandise, the top tier from both houses are present. It’s kind of funny how these mention “boys […]