Review: Big Jim : A World of Adventures

As a kid of the early 1970s, Big Jim rocked my world. I’m also happy I have video evidence of me receiving a Big Jim for Christmas in 1974. As you can see, I’m pretty happy with the guy. As a lover of collector books, i’ve always felt Big Jim was kind of ….underserved. (more […]

Spotlight: Planet of the Apes Game by IDW

This past week when I went to my local shop, (World’s Collide BTW)  I was presented with this Planet of the Apes tabletop game by IDW.  I like games and if you pair them with an established property, well I’m an easy mark, so even though I didn’t sincerely recall ordering it, it sounded like something […]

Review: Comic Book Fever by George Khoury

I own a lot of books by George Khoury, in fact this isn’t even the first book by him that I’ve reviewed on this blog and I don’t read much, so that’s pretty special. The reason I own so many, is that George and I seem to like a lot of the same things. His latest […]

Spotlight: The Original Stretch Armstrong by Jazwares

I haven’t done a photo review in over a year? Thank goodness for the new Jazwares Original Stretch Armstrong. In the past few years, there’s been talk of a movie and even an animated series but the only thing I give a toss about is a reproduction of the big guy himself. I’ll explain (and […]

Spotlight: Flash Gordon Action Figures by Bif Bang Pow!

It’s been a good summer for me and new toys, as two lines based on retro properties came out and tickled my fancy (better than last summer’s zero). This week’s is a slightly bigger deal to me as it’s based one of my absolute favourite movies of all time, 1980’s cinematic adaptation of Flash Gordon. […]

Spotlight: Funko Jaws Reaction Figures

It’s been a long time since I did a photo review of a modern toy, this is mainly because I don’t buy that many modern toys.  Funko’s Jaws line was a break in that drought. I haven’t been much into the ReAction stuff as I thought I would be, mostly because the licenses don’t appeal […]

Review: Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation

Review: Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation By Lou Scheimer and Andy Mangels My earliest memory in this life, other than eating delicious Play Doh on Christmas morning 1971, was watching a Batman cartoon with my sister in the TV room one random morning in  1972. The Penguin was stealing a tank and gassed a […]

Review : Too much horror business

  I can`t think of a better way to kick off a month of celebrating Halloween than a review of the new book `Too Much Horror Business`by Metallica s Kirk Hammet. For those not in the know, Hammet is known to be a voracious collector of all things horror and comic books. More after the jump… I […]

The 2011 Plaidstallions Retro Awards

It’s time once again for my fake awards show dedicated to what I feel is retro goodness of the past year. All in all, 2011 was a tremendous year for this kind of commerce, so there was lots to choose from. I’ve also got some news on the book projects and changes to the site […]

Review: Age of TV Heroes

From the moment I first saw Jackson Bostwick leap just slightly off camera I’ve been hooked on the combination of TV with superheroes. In my lifetime, I’ve endured them all, the Captain America with the clear shield, the Hulk, Exo Man, even Mandrake and the Spirit movie, I’m an addict and happy to admit it. […]