Toy-Ventures: Reckless Toy Show Purchases

Toy-Ventures looks at last week’s Canadian Toy-Con, including what I picked up and some amazing stuff I wish I had purchased. #toyventures #godzilla #planetoftheapes     Join our weekly newsletter. The Super Collector Newsletter combines all the news from Mego Museum and Plaid Stallions and a lot of other fun stuff across the Interwebs. It’s […]

Toy-Ventures: Monster Bash

New to the channel? Subscribe! â–º Toy-Ventures: Monster Bash In Part Two of our Road Trip series, we visit Monster Bash, an old-school Monster Movie convention in Pittsburgh, PA. Check out the spooky stuff I found. Monster Bash FaceBook Page Toy-Ventures Magazine is now available for subscription: Pod Stallions Facebook Group: Follow […]

Toy-Ventures: Kojak Toys

Toy-Ventures: Kojak Toys Who loves you, baby? Toy-Ventures this week looks at all the toys based on the TV show Kojak. Exactly why was there so much merchandise based on a tv show about a middle-aged detective that dealt with pimps? We get into that and talk about Power Records, Corgi toys and of course, […]

Pod Stallions Minisode 3: Records!

We’re back this week with another mini-sode and we’re talking about one of our favourite subjects, haunting record shops and collecting, of course. Mini-Sode was inspired by last weekend’s Record Store Day festivities where we talk about experiences, vinyl, collecting philosophies, soundtracks, Doctor Who. Fawlty Towers, Power Records, The Ramones, Wild in the Streets,  GI […]

Battle of the Planets Book and Record Set

While packing up this month, i found this wonderful piece that belongs to my wife. It’s a book and record set from France very similar to our Power Records or I guess the Disney book and records. Canada has a large French population so many books, records and toys native to France were available here. […]

Peter Pan Records are great Toys!

This 1978 Toy Fair ad for Peter Pan (Power) Records, tells us what we already knew as kids, in that they were awesome but it also gives us a look at some of the store displays used to market them: Man, that display doesn’t miss anything, Star Trek, Superman even Planet of the Apes! I […]

More Scenes from Toy Fair 1975

This is the Hasbro booth for 1975, that’s the suer awesome G.I Joe Skyhawk zooming over these gentleman’s heads. From left to right they are Jim Camilleri, Jack Kipperman and Merril Hassenfeld, the man who put the H in Hasbro. Neat! 1976 Hasbro G.I. Joe Catalog B. Goldberg and J. Romain are off the see […]

Power Records

Many of us thrilled to comic book and tv/movie adventures in those pre VCR days via Peter Pan record and comic sets. Dig the amazing store display in this article, what a nice thing to find now. For more on Power Records check out this groovy blog