Pod Stallions 103: Martin Short

    Pod Stallions 103: Martin Short Some things in life are constants: the sun goes up/down, the world turns, Coke & Pepsi will never see eye to eye, and dogs RULE. There’s a comfort in that, never better exemplified than by a Man Called Short. Martin Short. Always gives 100%, always 100% funny no […]

Pod Stallions 93: More Binge Watching

Pod Stallions 93: More Binge-Watching     Is it Lockdown again? Well, not quite, but let’s just say we at Pod Stallions HQ have that ‘lockdown feeling’ year round. So we thought it time for the world to know what we’ve been peeping of late, from low brow, to high brow to every brow in […]

Pod Stallions 49: The 2016 Retro Awards

Happy New Year! It’s time for our annual salute to all the things that made us happy in 2016, especially those that harkened back to our childhoods and while it was kind of a rough year, there were still some nice bright spots. The 2016 Retro Awards salutes the movies, books,  and toys we raved […]

Pod Stallions 37 : Godilla

Episode 37 is our first “lost episode” as we had to re-record half of it after a computer glitch (sorry), so we know it’s not October. This one has J & B discussing all things Godzilla and his Toho pals, something we’re both fans of. Subjects include our highlights (and lowlights) of his film series, […]

Pod Stallions 36: Horror Comedies

A special Saturday episode of PodStallions to celebrate Halloween. We actually lost our Halloween episode due to a computer glitch, so like champions we recorded a new one yesterday. Episode 36 is dedicated to the lighter side of horror as we tick down a long list of horror comedies and give our thoughts, everything from […]

Pod-Stallions Episode one: Growing up Who

I’m very happy to unveil Pod-Stallions, our new monthly podcast series which will be dedicated to discussing such important matters as Planet of the Apes week or long reminisces about ToyShop magazine. Joining me each show will be my pal and co chair Jason Lenzi, who people might know from the great “Geek Shall Inherit” show.  […]

Podcast Alert!

I sat in with “Tank” from the Underscoop Fire podcast last week as we gave some running commentary to the 1979 Collegeville Costumes catalog. The conversation ranges from KISS to Marie Osmond and as always, I slip in some “A Man Called Sloane” references (somebody has to!).  It was a lot of fun to do […]