Lincoln Monsters in the 1976 Galoob Catalog

It wouldn’t be Halloween without me waxing poetic about my favourite monster toy line of all time, the Lincoln Monsters. This year I came across one of my absolute grails, in the form of finding the 1976 Galoob toys catalog. Although Galoob was later known for licensed items  and things such as Micro Machines, 1976 […]

PodStallions #15: Rod Serling

This month’s show is a celebration of Television icon Rod Serling and is exploration of his career and legacy. Even though he passed away in the mid 1970s, he had an impact on pop culture that is still strongly felt today. Episode 15 talks about his life, the Twilight Zone and his career after that […]

The Ghost who walks (in pharmacy toy aisles)

The Phantom got a lot of cool Rack Toy love in the 70s, which is pretty cool considering he didn’t have a cartoon show to back him up.  I like all of the toys but this set, this one is something I’m actively searching for. Seriously, if you have one of these for sale, I’ve […]