Multiple Toymakers Planet of the Apes Playsets

Next to the wonderful toys by Mego, these Multiple toys Planet of the Apes sets are by far my favourites. I just recently scored one of my grails: For many ages I’ve been after this set, the combination of army men with apes totally reminds me of “Battle for the Planet of the Apes” (easily […]

The Looooooooove Boat Plaaaaaayset

As much as I do not regret one minute of those Saturday night “Love Boat/Fantasy Island” fests I had as a kid (especially when they CROSSED OVER, which was like Batman joining the Avengers) I just never really got the need for stuff like the Mego action figures or this little set from Multiple. Although, […]

Blue Thunder Prototypes

While I remember the Multi Toys Blue Thunder Helicopter from the Toys R Us clearance center, I didn’t lnow how far they planned to take the series. This page from their 1984 catalog shows (kind of crude) prototypes for Bubba Smith, Dick Butkus, James Farentino and even Dana Carvey. There was even plans for non […]

Nightmare Warriors

Nightmare warriors are toys that I remember but was slightly too old to buy at the time. The idea of Skeleton action figures was done in the 1970s and for some unknown reason the dollar stores aren’t full of these guys now. That’s a crying shame, Skeleton action figures are an ever green. Oh and […]

Remote Controlled Blah!

Miner (who seemed to have bought Multiple Toys) released these remote controlled inflatable figures in 1980 and what a super team up! Mickey Mouse, Dracula, The Incredible Hulk and a Shogun Warrior looking robot. It’s a child’s version of the league of extraordinary gentlemen! I remember not being particularly swayed by these as a nine year […]

Cool Collections: Kip of the Apes

Been really under pressure to put the final touch on Rack Toys this month so i was coming up short with a Friday feature.  Enter Kip and his amazing, newly displayed Ape collection to the rescue! I’ve seen plenty of Planet of the Apes and King Kong collections in my time but Kip seems to […]