The World’s Rarest Jiggler FOUND

As any reader of this blog should know, I loves me some dime store rack toys and I also love drive-in cinema, that’s why today’s entry is so special to me. You see, for years there has been a legend of a Jiggler used to promote the Blood Island series of movies. Blood Island movies […]

Pod Stallions 49: The 2016 Retro Awards

Happy New Year! It’s time for our annual salute to all the things that made us happy in 2016, especially those that harkened back to our childhoods and while it was kind of a rough year, there were still some nice bright spots. The 2016 Retro Awards salutes the movies, books,  and toys we raved […]

Pod Stallions Mini Sode 1: Movies We Watched

Due to all the nice requests about making more Pod Casts and our desire to talk, we’ve started a new concept here. Presenting the first Mini-Sode, an extra half hour show each month on a variety of topics that are perhaps not long enough for our standard format. For our inaugural mini-show we decided to […]

Pod Stallions 41 : Robots!

For our 41st episode (and 3rd of 2016 if you’re keeping count) we’re joined by Famous Monsters of Filmland Editor David Weiner (@tikiambassador) for a discussion of all things robotic. We each pick and discuss our personal three favourite and least favourite mechanical men from film and television over the decades and discuss why. Along […]

Pod Stallions Episode 28: Trek Kids 2

With last month’s passing of Leonard Nimoy, we decided to pick up where we left off when last discussing Star Trek. This episode touches upon the highs and lows of the Star Trek movie franchise, ending at part 6. We also discuss the (minimalist) 80s merchandise, conventions, films the cast did and don’t hate us […]

Pod Stallions Episode 23: Monster Movies

As we are both lovers of Monster Cinema or some call it “Creature Features” it makes sense for J and B to count down their top ten favourite Monster movies. By favourite, we do not mean “best” or greatest, just our personal favourites. Our top tens vary wildly which makes for an interesting discussion, Jason […]

Podstallions 18: The Apocalypse

Episode 18 takes us to those days when the future wasn’t looking so bright. If we didn’t blow each other up and get eaten by giant cockroaches, the environment would have us eating each other or even worse,  massacred by diapered men on horseback . The Apocalypse talks about the years of heady, “gloomy doomy” science […]