Matchbox Fighting Furies Commercial

This commercial reel has sat on my desk for over two years, it’s been driving me mad to honest. It did not disappoint, even though I honestly don’t recollect the Fighting Furies, seeing 70s sensation Mason Reese pimp this toy line is truly a highlight of my year, behold the original commercial for “The Kung Fu […]

Adventure 2000

I absolutely adored toys like Matchboxes “Adventure 2000” as a boy and  was really disheartened as an adult in the actual year 2000, none of their bold predictions came true. My Pontiac Aztek could not fly nor did I get any sort of laser cannon accessories. You lied to me Matchbox!

More Trading Cards Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this but I printed some designs in the summer and have been happily sending them out with DVD orders and ebay auctions, figured this weekend would be a good time to showcase them. Card #32- Stretch Armstrong This was long overdue, seeing as he’s an iconic toy […]

The Ghost of Captain Kidd

I’ve always really liked the Matchbox Fighting Furies line, a big reason for that was the Ghost of Captain Kidd figure. What a great idea for the third figure, make him a cool glow in the dark Ghost pirate. I’d put him in my personal top ten of best Glow in the Dark action figures […]

More Love For MAC

I forgot to add this to “Toy Questions” segment I did a month back, this is easily in my top ten of solvable toy mysteries for people. Matchbox MAC were really unique, compact and perfect to me as a six year old but even when I was buying them, I had absolutely no idea what […]

Matchbox Fighting Furies Gallery

In 1974, Matchbox toys ventured into the action figure market with the Fighting Furies, a series of well made Pirate action figures that had piles of adventures to choose from. Fighting Furies is often forgotten when discussing 70s brands and that’s a shame because it’s really high quality stuff. Thanks to the generosity of Bill […]

Potpourri of Coolness

Just a few random things I’ve forgotten to show off before hand. Firstly, I am elated to announce the DVD release of the Monster Squad television series this June 23rd. Not to be confused with the 1980s movie of the same name, this Monster Squad was a Saturday morning show reminscent of the Adam West […]

Mobile Action Command Challenge

Matchbox’s Mobile Action Command is one of those fun toys a lot of people had but have no idea what they were called. These guys had a real limited back story and I honestly don’t remember if they had any sort of TV advertising. I was surprised to find out as an adult they were […]

Matchbox Mobile Action Command

Mobile Action Command or MAC is one of the most underrated action figure lines of the 1970’s.The concept is centered on the nameless men of MAC, an international rescue operation similiar to the Thunderbirds, each man has his own quasi futuristic vehicle. The combination of a 2″ figure and attractively priced vehicle lured me many […]

Toys that should have been made: Maxx Fx

Friday the 13th seems to be the perfect day to showcase the Maxx Fx items from the 1989 Matchbox Catalog, sort of a monster version of Captain Action, had Matchbox not made a grave marketing error we would have had 10″ Mego bodied versions of Jason, Alien, Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon […]