Toy-Ventures: Matchbox MAC (Mobile Action Command)

This week we look at a toy line that seems to always get forgotten, Seriously I get so many emails about Matchbox’s Mobile Action Command (MAC) and it’s wonderful array of fun toys, we even look at the knock offs it inspired. Check out this Wonder MAC site: Link to the MAC Commercial: […]

M.A.C two pack

I recently picked up this two pack of Matchbox M.A.C figures, while i was fan of the series as a kid I have no memory of these. Its gate fold packaging with 3-D overtones is truly one of the nicest, most well thought out cards i’ve ever seen. I paid $25 for this, sometimes the […]

Matchbox MAC Air Rescue Unit

Matchbox Mobile Action Command (MAC for short) is a largely forgotten toy line but happily remembered toy line of the 1970s. At least judging by the “What were those cool vehicle/figure sets called?” type emails i get about once a week. It’s also a toy line I actively collect but with one caveat, I have […]

MAC 1977

click for a bigger view I am in awe of this awesome ad for Matchbox MAC toys from 1977. These two inch tall heroes were sort of an “International Rescue” type organization and one of my fondest memories as a wee lad. More Mobile Action Command

The MAC Commando/Rescue Team

 This ad from 1976 makes me happy, Matchbox MAC (Mobile Action Command) was a really fun series of figures and vehicles that are unfairly forgotten. MAC never gave kids any back story (much like the Metal Men) and let their imaginations run wild. Below is the link to the 1977 MAC catalog, enjoy!