Lincoln Monsters in the 1976 Galoob Catalog

It wouldn’t be Halloween without me waxing poetic about my favourite monster toy line of all time, the Lincoln Monsters. This year I came across one of my absolute grails, in the form of finding the 1976 Galoob toys catalog. Although Galoob was later known for licensed items  and things such as Micro Machines, 1976 […]

Lincoln Monster Mystery

I’ve been been pretty much under the assumption that I’d seen it all when it came to Lincoln Monsters. Well, that fell apart this weekend when I got this photo emailed me to me. These are the four perfect as the day they were made Monster figures shrunk wrapped to a card. To me, it […]

Revenge of the Lincoln Monsters!

Life is strange, if you had asked me 30 days ago if there was going to be a Lincoln Monster update in the Halloween blog posts this year, I’d have answered no.  Truth was, there wasn’t much by the way of things to update. Then all hell broke loose and I’ve got more than I […]

The Victim Mystery Solved

For years now, it’s been bugging me if this 6 inch fashion doll that has been dubbed “The Victim” and said to be part of the Lincoln Monsters line of toys was a real thing or not. I had heard from people over the years who claimed to have her as a kid or saw […]

Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Archive Launches

It may seem odd to launch a Monster themed page in December but it’s Halloween all year round at my place and it’s rare these days that I get this excited, so it simply couldn’t wait. Tomland is probably best known for the Star Raiders, an 8″ Mego like line of action figures clearly meant […]

Monster Contest Winners Announced

Last week, if you recall I held a contest for my newly printed Monster trading cards, folks just had to answer this question Who is your favourite Monster? Well I got so many great replies (although I’m sorry, the correct answer was Frankenstein 😉) and I’m happy to announce that everybody who entered gets a […]

Even more Monster Love at Plaid Stallions

In my quest to improve the site I actually updated two galleries so much that I thought it deserved it’s own Friday update, both relate to my personal obsession with cataloging 70s Monster Toys. Firstly, I’ve finally expanded the  Azrak Hamway Monsters section of the site and given everything galleries including other stuff like the Jigglers, windups, […]

The Tomland Mini Monsters

Happy to showcase these weird little figures, produced in 1979 by a UK company called Tomland (under the umbrella of Marx) these stylin’ mini monsters were based on my beloved Lincoln International Monsters. I don’t know why and I honestly don’t care, I’m just pleased that they were. Tomland made their own 8″ versions of […]

Super Monsters on Sale

Time to dig through the vault and see some real Monster bargains when it comes to the many, many monster action figure lines we were treated to in the 1970s. Above is a great ad featuring the Azrak Hamway World Famous Super Monsters. As you can see they are mingled in with the Mego Super […]

Frankenstein Meets The Mummy!

At my house anyway, every year my neighbour puts on a display with Jason, Freddy and Leatherface, while cool it isn`t my idea of Halloween. So I decided to spend some time in the garage and make these two, both of them are about seven feet tall. I modeled the mummy after the Lincoln International […]