1976 Ben Cooper Halloween Catalog

Ben Cooper was the leading manufacturer of Halloween costumes and Novelties in the United States during the 1970s. This extensive 1976 catalog really demonstrates the power house licenses they had from the Universal Monsters and Mickey Mouse, the Superheroes of both Marvel and DC to TV sensations like the Six Million Dollar Man and the […]

Countdown to Halloween

Well, it’s my favourite time of year, the annual Halloween countdown.  Being a monster kid and overall creepy adult, this is my time to shine. Expect some creepy content to start filtering in sometime next week. Until then, enjoy some of the best masks 1976 had to offer, seriously if I had to choose just […]

Land of the Lost Moonbase Rocket

  I’d make a joke but somebody, somewhere would send me an email rationalizing this toy by citing an episode that I’ve somehow missed where this makes complete, perfect sense.  So fine, here is a moonbase rocket from Land of the Lost, a series that may have taken place on the moon and featured many […]

Sleestak Jiggler

Pretty overjoyed with today’s Rack Toy showing, something I’ve been after for years. The Ben Cooper Sleestak jiggler, the closest thing we ever got to a Land of the Lost action figure and honestly, I’m not sure how many of us ever knew this thing existed? This excerpt from the ’76 Ben Cooper catalog showcases […]