Land of the Lost Moonbase Rocket

Land of the Lost Moonbase Rocket


I’d make a joke but somebody, somewhere would send me an email rationalizing this toy by citing an episode that I’ve somehow missed where this makes complete, perfect sense. 

So fine, here is a moonbase rocket from Land of the Lost, a series that may have taken place on the moon and featured many rockets. If anyone needs me I’ll be at scotch…..

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  • Richard Bensam on August 26, 2014

    Next time make it a real challenge. This one was too easy:

  • Anonymous on August 26, 2014

    I thought maybe there was some crossover episode with The Lost Saucer or Far Out Space Nuts.

  • Evan Hanson on August 26, 2014

    My mind is blown. I had totally forgotten about that episode.

  • Seventiesfan on August 26, 2014

    You'll have to admit this makes more sense than the Laverne & Shirley Secretary Set.

  • Alphacentaurian on August 27, 2014

    69 cents?! The cost was 69 cents?! How in Kroft's name did they get away with that?!

  • BRB on February 3, 2023

    I’m thinking “LOTL” travels to “Space: 1999.”

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