5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Space Flyman and Punchboy set (eBay Link) — This Dynamic Duo is one of the earliest pair of Knock-Off Action figures but probably the earliest Super Hero Knock-Offs as well. The backer card of course, is famous for how Space Flyman “beats off” his enemies and trust me, I lean on that comedy crutch a […]

Sweathogs Vs Fonzie

Even as a kid, I knew the Sweathogs bike really belonged to Big Jim, they clearly stole it. Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Genuine Imitation Brand Fonzie

This Official Fonzie Jacket complete with “autographed photo” is the very peak of “Fonziemania” in 1976. I certainly remember being all in on that sort of thing having a shirt, a button, pillowcase and of course the Mego doll. Now, my kids call Fonzie “that guy on the pillowcase”.

Mighty Men of Action and Adventure

I’ve posted bits of this before in the dial up days but I don’t think I’ve shown the whole ad. I’m just in awe, I’d wear the majority of these right now especially the Famous Monsters and Tarzan. Also, it’s weird to see Shazam! designs yet only one Batman.

Aaay, Fonzie!

This little picture is another thing that I love about toy catalogs. You see, in 1976 Mego rushed the Fonz doll to the market place but his friends and his trademark motorcycle would have to wait until 1977. JC Penney offered the Fonz with this fill in motorcyle, it probably wasn’t even made by Mego […]

Imitation Fonzies

Lest we never forget the massive spread of “Henry Winkler Mania” that pummeled the country in the mid 1970s. It’s somewhat understandable that teens and pre-teens wanted to be more like this leather clad rebel so we can forgive this young man doing his best “Ayyyy” here. Somehow though, it’s just unforgivable when you see a grown […]

1977 Vanity Fair Catalog

Venity Fair was one of the leading makers of electronics for children, which by 1977 standards meant they sold radios, walkie talkies and other items that look like stone tools to today’s generation.. What sets them apart is the breadth of licensed items they produced, take 1977 for instance where we got a variety of […]