1974 Chemtoy Catalog

Chemtoy was one of America’s premiere producer of lower cost novelties and Rack Toys during the 60s and 70s. Their offering for 1974 was a fun mix of generic staples like bubbles, paddle balls, toy guns that you can still find to this day. On the licensing side they had everything from Batman to the […]

Hey. Hey.Hey Recycling is OK

Remember that awesome Dick Tracy Wrist TV from 1975 a few weeks ago? Here it is again in a somewhat less logical form from 1982. I guess you could imagine that Dick threw out his old wrist TV and the Cosby kids found in the junkyard? I dunno it’s a bit like dissecting gossamer really…. […]

1974 HG Toys Summer Catalog

Seasonal Toy Catalogs are a big part of the toy industry, with summer rearing it’s head it’s time to look at all the hot outdoor stuff available from HG Toys in 1974. Nothing cooler than outdoor fun when it’s combined with TV favourites The Superfriends, Fat Albert and Looney Tunes either. Click on the images […]

Hey Hey Hey

Behold the HG Toys Fat Albert “Fat Kite” (was the extra fat really needed here?) The site of a flying Fat Albert reminds me of something the great Joel Hodgson once said “Funnnnyy….. but impossible”

Sit on Fonzie’s face

I’m loving this selection of Bean Bag chairs from ’76, my personal fave being the Star Trek one although Fat Albert is tempting.Again with the Welcome Back Kotter and how often do you see licensed merchandise from Convoy ?