5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

  Slam Bam Diesels (eBay Link)– I do not recall this toy line, which brilliantly merges Smash Up Derby with RC cars. I will, however, be stealing “Slam Bam Diesels” should I ever form a dad garage band.     Batman Stained Glass Kit (eBay Link) — I could do a “5 Awesome Batman crafts […]

1975 Mighty Marvel Mail Order Catalog

This wonderful package was likely handed to every attendee of the 1975 Marvel Comics Convention it includes a program which we’ll get into but it also includes the Might Marvel Mail Order Catalog. This wonderful catalog features Marvel merchandise from Fleetwood, Mego. Durham, Aurora and more. The historical significance is that Marvel would eventually abandon […]

Five Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

Scare Cycles FrankenCycle by Ideal- After Evel Knievel did his little trick with a baseball bat, Ideal toys was left with a very popular toy concept without a theme. Scare Cycles placed the classic monsters on choppers, it made no sense but who cared? Speaking of weird nonsense on Bikes- Who didn’t want a freewheeling Alan […]

Durham Kung Fu!

The Durham Kung Fu figure seemed to be everywhere in the early 1970s, not based on the David Carradine series it simply captured the culture’s then obsession with martial arts. I really wanted one of these as a kid but they’re pretty cheaply made and I’ve heard no end of stories about how his hands […]

Hulk’ SWIM!

As Rack Toys go, this one makes more sense than most Hulk branded items do, as I’m semi-positive that he probably can swim? Don’t hold me to that, I haven’t read a Hulk comic since 1979…

Bat Squirt!

I found this little guy at a flea market recently, I’d never actually seen one in real life and was surprised at how small it is. These were made by Durham, who also produced a Superman. I can’t figure out why Marvel is credited, as they didn’t make a Spider-Man. More on Durham soon. Get […]

Web Spinning Toy Love

What’s not to love about this 1977 licensing ad for Marvel Comics, it’s like Spider-Man is dropping a treasure trove of Mego items on you along with classics like Crazy Foam and Colorforms. That’s a monsterous improvement over  the usual rain and bird poop that normally falls on me from above…

The Amazing Walking-Man

I couldn’t afford to buy everything I saw at this past weekend’s Mego Meet festivities but I could photograph them. Above is a real beauty from Durham Industries, a company I need to talk about more. Even though a Spider-Man that gently strolls in a Barnaby Jones like manner is something no kid needs, who […]