1975 Mighty Marvel Mail Order Catalog

1975 Mighty Marvel Mail Order Catalog

This wonderful package was likely handed to every attendee of the 1975 Marvel Comics Convention it includes a program which we’ll get into but it also includes the Might Marvel Mail Order Catalog.

This wonderful catalog features Marvel merchandise from Fleetwood, Mego. Durham, Aurora and more. The historical significance is that Marvel would eventually abandon the mail order practice and selling it to the man who created it, Ivan Snyder. Ivan would then move the business to New Jersey and call it “Heroes World”

The 1975 Marvel Mail Order Catalog is more fun than a Giant Sized Man Thing!

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  • YesterdayIsNow on February 22, 2019

    Looks more like a Spidey spit gun.

  • Hauntedheadful on February 22, 2019

    I am a Jersey native,so,yeah this sounds"very Jersey" to me.In fact,I am pretty sure one of these stores was in the Echelon Mall at Vorhees in the late 80's.I was 20 or so and it was the first time since my pre teen years that I was excited to look at toys.in the 90's this store left the mall and another store called Hall of Heroes moved in.Unfortunately,the Echelon Mall has shrunk to about one third its size today and faces condemnation,and Hall of Heroes is long gone.But luckily,there are a few really good comic/collectible shops in my area today where I can occasionally escape the rigors of my sometimes mundane adult life and re visit a more carefree time in my life.

  • Anonymous on February 22, 2019

    By Crom, the Conan the Barbarian panel at the Marvel Convention was: Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, John Buscema and Neal Adams. Comic book royalty.

    Interesting that the subscription page has "Giant Size X-Men" as an option. This was because when the X-Men relaunched in '75 it was intended to be a Giant-Size series only, but then Marvel decided to revive the X-Men ongoing (aka Uncanny X-Men) with issue 94 after GSXM #1 came out. GSXM #2 was strictly reprints and that was the end of it.

  • Seventiesfan on February 24, 2019

    I'm also a native New Jerseyan. Is there a song by that name? I haven't lived in New Jersey since 1978, but I did visit once in 1988 for a friend's wedding. It had unfortunately changed a lot. My sister and her children visited Union City again recently, and they told me that it's even worse now. I'm staying home.

    Those are some nice items you found on Ebay. As for the Spider-man Bowling Set being wonderfully absurd, the Laverne and Shirley Secretary Set still tops that list.

  • Danny Cruz on February 25, 2019

    There was a Heroes World store in either the Menlo Park mall or the Woodbridge mall in the early 80s that I remember visiting once as a kid. I distinctly remember the sheer sensory overload of seeing all that amazing stuff crammed within a relatively small amount of space. It was way too much to take in as a 6 or 7 year old.

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