More Star Trek Shirts by Donmoor

If you read this blog regularly, you know i have a fairly healthy obsession with the children’s Star Trek line of clothing made in the 1970s by a company called “Donmoor”. This past weekend at MegoMeet, I ran into my friend and fellow Donmoor enthusiast Corey who had some new ones like the Kirk above that […]

Spock Shirt

At this year’s Mego Meet, I was gifted this amazing vintage Donmoor Star Trek T Shirt by my pal Corey. I’m told it’s pretty rare but even if it wasn’t, it’s genuinely bad-ass. As a kid, I really wanted a Donmoor Star Trek uniform shirt but never got one (probably for the best), so collecting […]

Star Trek Week: Shirts by Donmoor

 I kick off Star Trek week with a personal victory. Back in the mid 70s, Don Moor released a slew of child sized Star Fleet uniforms and it was love at first sight when I saw them at the “Tot to Teen” shop I was dragged to as a kid. I was denied entrance into […]

More Pre School Trek

Sarah who submitted this awesome shot of her brother last fall strikes again, this time he’s dressed as a science officer at Mesa Verde. She admits that “the Rio Grande rail road hat somewhat spoils the effect — or enhances it…depends”. Sarah is the big sis standing behind him, in a very un23rd century attire. The Top […]

Preschool Trek

Sarah sent in this 1976 back to school shot of her younger brother marching off to his first day of pre school clad in his Donmoor Star Trek best. Bonus kudos on nailing the “Kirk Smirk”. I cannot think of a better back to school photo for this blog. The Top Ten Coolest 70s Star […]