Squirtin’ Super Monsters

Over the years, I’ve waxed a good de about my desire to own these wonderful (and incredibly rare) creations by Azrak Hamway. Seeing them in their carded form (they were introduced in 1975, it seems) only exacerbates the issue. I’d love to own a carded Creature or Frankenstein one day but I am not sure […]

The Creature goes drag racing

I’ve spoken about the cool copy right infringing monster SSP vehicles that Kenner put out in the late 70s before but until now haven’t really ever seen one up close. Thanks to my buddy Matt, we can now see the “Gargoyle” or as anyone with eyes would refer to him as the Creature from the […]

Countdown to Halloween

Well, it’s my favourite time of year, the annual Halloween countdown.  Being a monster kid and overall creepy adult, this is my time to shine. Expect some creepy content to start filtering in sometime next week. Until then, enjoy some of the best masks 1976 had to offer, seriously if I had to choose just […]

AHI Creature!

Up until last summer, I was pretty much done with collecting AHI figures, completely talking myself out of the one figure that I (and my site) needed, a carded AHI Creature. This mostly because they’re always so pricey, I mean “both kids need braces” pricey. So I just kept the idea that if the opportunity […]

Parachuting Super Monsters!

What better way to kick off a month of Halloween related updates  than to showcase this amazing AHI toy rarity I discovered. It’s rack toy monster madness and it’s all after the jump! OK I apologize for anybody fooled by that (terrible) photoshop job, this is not a real vintage toy discovery of any kind. […]

Prototype Creature from the Black Lagoon

I recently got a decent scan of this to ad to the Azrak Hamway Monster archive, it’s the mocked up Creature from the black lagoon figure on his looks to be hand drawn card. It’s hard to say what he’s constructed of, it almost looks like a converted Aurora Creature kit, either way I hope […]