Toy-Ventures: Kung Fu Mystery Knock-Off Box

Toy-Ventures this week is entering the 36 chambers of Knock-Offs as we use our five fingers of death to reveal some incredible martial arts-themed bootleg toys. Meet the Karate Masters, the mysterious Spy Girl and the unbelievable Black Belt Brawlers in this week’s episode. We have a new book out called “Knock-Offs: Totally Unauthorized Action […]

Pod-Stallions Mini-Sode: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

We’re back with another mini and we’re spending this time talking about the latest Quentin Tarantino film “One Upon a Time in Hollywood” We try to stay on topic but mention Reservoir Dogs, Neil ****ing Diamon, the Silver Surfer, Jackie Brown, the Green Hornet and well, Matt Helm. This one is a true mini but […]


Loving the props in this one, especially the feats of strength although I don’t know why the Spock kid is lifting a dumbell. The Kirk PJs in the corner show the Captain in an episode called the Tholian Web, I have to admit, I’ve never seen that episode. I’m a bad trekkie. Halloween Countdown Submission: […]

Enter the Sleepy Dragon

I’m a self professed Martial Arts nut but isn’t wearing a simulated Gi with Bruce Lee’s picture on it pretty much like an adult verson of underoos? Not that I’m judging, if they made adult underoos, I’d be a one man Justice League.