Enter the Sleepy Dragon

Enter the Sleepy Dragon

Im a dwagon
I’m a self professed Martial Arts nut but isn’t wearing a simulated Gi with Bruce Lee’s picture on it pretty much like an adult verson of underoos? Not that I’m judging, if they made adult underoos, I’d be a one man Justice League.

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  • Earth 2 Chris on June 22, 2007

    What about pajamas with other 70s movie stars?

    Elliot Gould long johns?
    Richard Dreyfus night shirt?
    Gene Hackman flannel PJs?

    It’s an untapped market, I tell ya!


  • Anonymous on November 9, 2007

    I bet you thats eddie murphys father…i see why eddie became a comedian hanging around with a dad who dressed like that…

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