Toy-Ventures: Top Ten Mego Knock-Offs

This week we look at the fun and interesting toy lines put out to catch some sales heat from the popular Mego Superheroes line of toys from Kooky Aliens to Biblical Heroes to some just plain blatant copyright infringement, it’s a fun ride. Get Toy-Ventures Magazine here: PlaidStallions Toy-Ventures Issue One (September 2020) Tell us […]

Limited Edition Puma Man/Brick Mantooth Now Available

proud to announce that the limited edition Brick Mantooth as Puma Man figure is now available for order. This limited edition figure is based on the 1980 Italian classic Superhero series made famous by “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” and features gorgeous card art by Robyn Adams and some wonderful work by  Proceeds of these […]

Plaid Stallions Limited Edition Gift Sets Now Available

Rather than crowdfund the next issue of Toy-Ventures magazine, we whipped up these gift sets full of merch we’ve created in the past. Just that thing for the retro fan in your life. Thanks for indulging me, more content soon! OUR STORE: Issue 1 of Toy-Ventures magazine is available here: Mego Knock Off […]

For His Most Casual of Times

I hope the sight of Brick Mantooth in a monk’s robe is all you need to make this week an epic win.  Like Brick could ever be celibate…… Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Goodbye to the World’s Coolest Basement

This week got a l’il emotional as I bid goodbye to my grandparent’s home. Even though they both had passed a while back, my whole family was a bit attached to their place and it took some time to finally decide to let it go. For me, the hardest part about it was that it […]

An original Mantooth

Last week I got a wonderful “Mystery box” from my friend Robyn. The majority of which were amazing mementos of our last couple of decades working together on the “Mego Museum” website but at the bottom was this. An original sketch when we were planning (ok she was planning, I’m useless) to do a Brick […]

PlaidStallions turns 11

This week marks the 11th anniversary of the launch of PlaidStallions. Truth be told, it was two days ago but life has been so bumpy lately, I totally forgot about it. That would have been a big mistake and here is why. In eleven years of doing this, it has never felt like work and […]

Odeon Toys Presents: Captain Canuck

I’m proud to finally announce that Odeon’s latest action figure, Captain Canuck is now available to order. For years, I had been struggling to find an iconic Canadian character to bring to market, many of the attempts dissolved when rights weren’t clear. Which was kind of a bummer. Thanks to my friend and partner in […]

More Sky Diving Parachutists

  Ever since I mocked up a set of parachuting AHI Super Monsters last year, I’ve been kind of smitten and inspired to make more. I had a major spurt of creativity this summer and here is the result. Above is a Brick Mantooth Parachutist, this was inevitable and I’ll likely do a bunch of different […]