Oscar Goldman visits Kenner (gets briefcase)

OK, so apparently actor Richard Anderson visited Kenner headquarters in 1977 and they presented him with a life sized version of Oscar Goldman’s exploding briefcase! So that means, that (hopefully) in Richard Anderson’s house, he has a 1/1 scale version of one of the greatest action figure accessories ever made. I simply have to know where this is, I […]

PodStallions 21: Bionic Man-ia

It was bound to happen, episode 21 talks of the Six Million Dollar Man television series which slow motion ran across our television screens (and our collective hearts) during the Polyester decade. In this we discuss the series itself, the spin offs and the crazy/wonderful merchandise that made Christmas more memorable. We go through the […]

Vintage Toy Store Photos Volume 16

In an effort to combat the end of summer blues, I’ve dig deep to the days of Pegboard and regional toy stores to bring the 16th edition of our vintage toy stores feature. Installment 16 features old favorites such as the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man, Barbie, the Osmonds, Atari, Fisher Price, Mego […]

Bionic Spring ’77 Extra

In the Spring of 1977 Kenner issued this supplemental catalog to retailers to showcase the innovations in their (then) biggest hit toy lines, the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. Bionic fever would wane the following year but this was truly a golden time from Bionic fans. Check out the Kenner Bionic Spring […]

Bionic Displays

  I’m really digging these store display shots I found in a Kenner promo piece for the Bionic Man. I honestly remember the outfit display as a kid, which had no effect. I had a million Big Jim and GI joe outfits as a kid but had no desire to change Steve Austin’s clothes. Fashions […]

The Six Greatest Bionic Man Knock Off Toys

I gave up writing a weekly list for Topless Robot, in order to finish writing Rack Toys. I will admit to missing it from time to time, so I’m going to keep fresh by churning out the odd one for PlaidStallions. The Kenner Six Million Dollar Man toy line is one of the most memorable […]

Sonic Woman

I am pleased to reveal the latest update to our Tomland galleries, the copyright infringing superheroine herself, the Sonic Woman! Tomland was more well known for their Star Raiders and Famous of Monsters of Legend action figures, which both demonstrate how little they thought of paying for licenses. I’ve known about these particular figures for […]

Spotlight: Zica Six Million Dollar Man

Welcome to a new feature on PlaidStallions, the spotlight, which will revolve around items such as toys, books and DVDs available today that give that retro vibe to me. I’m hesitant to call them reviews, mostly because I personally don’t think action figure criticism is something I want to do. If I like something, I’ll […]

Bionic Monday!

Christmas will forever remind me of the Bionic Man, mostly because he or his friends were a staple from 1975 to 1978. I didn’t get everything on this page but I had Steve, Oscar and Maskatron and I played with those three for years. I would feel remiss if I didn’t extend the Bionic Monday […]