Toy-Ventures: Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Action Club Kit

  Hey everyone, you’re looking at a full-fledged Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Club Kit member. Let’s explore this epic set from 1976 that I totally forget to send away for as a kid. Also, Happy Holidays! #toyventures #sixmilliondollarman #kenner   The Mego Museum News has rebranded into the Super Collector Newsletter! Encompassing more […]

Krofft Supershow Iron On Transfer Book

This past Sunday the first thing I saw when I entered GTA Comic Con was my pal Dana wearing a Magic Mongo T Shirt, which is a sentence I never thought I’d ever type in my life.  Turns out Dana had found this amazing book of Krofft T Shirt transfers that I never knew existed […]

Krofft Week Wrap up

I got a lot of nice mail over Krofft week and many folks wanted to join in! Seeing as most of you have better collections than me, it made sense to showcase them here today. Manuel has a great selection of Krofft borad games, I’ve never seen the Bugaloo’s one above. A lot of folks […]

PodStallions 21: Bionic Man-ia

It was bound to happen, episode 21 talks of the Six Million Dollar Man television series which slow motion ran across our television screens (and our collective hearts) during the Polyester decade. In this we discuss the series itself, the spin offs and the crazy/wonderful merchandise that made Christmas more memorable. We go through the […]

Cool Toys I Saw on the Weekend

This past Sunday, I was publicly outed as a toy collector twice. The first time was when Airport security X Ray’d my carry on baggage. The officer yelled “who’s this Captain Hero doll you got?” I told her it was Batman, her question of “and the little fella?” was met with “Robin!”. She burst out […]

Hey Bigfoot, got your ears on?

The Six Million Dollar Man “Tower of Power” playset gives you not only an Evel Kneivel esque vibe but also, 3 3/4″ versions of Steve Austin and Bigfoot that can interact with your Stars Wars guys and Pocket Heroes.Exactly why Steve Austin and Bigfoot are racing cars is anyone’s guess.