Toy-Ventures 9: Superhero School Supplies

This week’s installment of Toy Ventures is all about the cool licensed School Supplies created by a company called Alco. Over a period of five years they made two styles of sharpeners, erasers and even a Batman Slide Rule? Visit us online at Twitter: @plaidstallions Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:

Back to School 1975 Style

If you’re like me, September is filled with memories of being dragged to the mall to try on your new “Back to School” ensembles. My own mother was partial to “Marks and Spencers” or as I referred to it “Corduroy Hell”.   On this wonderful occasion let’s look at the best outfits 1975 would force you […]

1970s Back to School Fashion Spectacular

One of the biggest downers of the summer ending is back to school shopping, getting dragged from (Non Toy) store to store,  forced to try things on, it’s more than your seven year old mind can take. That’s why I’ve prepared this handy trip down memory lane, once your children see what we had to […]

Hulk smash puny pencil crayons

   Occasionally, I  find things in here that I have no recollection of buying. Although with my preoccupation with all things Superheroes and school supplies, it’s not a shock that I own this. Hulk went from a b lister to chairman of the freaking board in the late 70s. Visit our store for copies of […]

World’s Greatest Super School Supplies

I found this ruler on Ebay a few months ago, i collect Superhero school supplies (sorry ladies, I’m spoken for) but the more interesting thing to me was the hi-jacking of the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes packaging art. Many of these images were specifically drawn by Mego and didn’t appear on other company products, while […]

Ready the Bat-Flesh-Crayon Robin

   I found this at flea market recently, seeing it triggered all sorts of good memories and it still had it’s foam piece, so ten dollars left my pocket before I knew what hit me. I’m sure I had this, probably more than once, that zipper combined with the cheap vinyl lasted about a half […]

70s Back to School Meltdown

I can’t believe summer’s over! Being a September baby I kind of enjoyed the whole back to school season as a kid, here is me doing my best to blend into the walls of my grade school.  My mother took this same picture without fail until I asked her to stop, this morning my son […]