70s Back to School Meltdown

70s Back to School Meltdown

I can’t believe summer’s over! Being a September baby I kind of enjoyed the whole back to school season as a kid, here is me doing my best to blend into the walls of my grade school.

 My mother took this same picture without fail until I asked her to stop, this morning my son asked if I could not walk him to class, which i capitulated, albeit begrudgingly.

So what better time to look back at the bright side of vintage back to school, lots of eye candy after the jump!

School Supplies can be Fun! Like these Alco Superhero sharpeners and erasers. These kinds of things always made BTS shopping more enjoyable.

OK, Clothes Shopping Kinda Sucked: I’ll admit that I didn’t dig this angle of BTS until high school, especially because my mom seemed to dress me exclusively at “Marks and Sparks” (I think she may have been a shareholder). 

The only upside of this was I was often placated with a toy, usually a Star Wars figure or a Micronaut. I still have the last toy my mom ever bought me BTS shopping in the fifth grade, a Micronauts Pharoid with Time Chamber.

 Lunchboxes Rule: Every couple of years I picked my theme, I started my school career with Hong Kong Phooey and I ended it with the Black Hole, which I covered in “Clash of the Titans’ stickers I got in sugar crisp. It was an important choice in your life, I remember coveting it.

Oh and this Sunday, I’ll be setting up at Canadian Toy Con/Mego North. It’s a great vintage toy show with a classic arcade! I’ll be selling vintage toys, copies of my book Rack Toys and Brick Mantooth action figures. Please come bye and say hi!

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  • Alphacentaurian on September 3, 2014

    I remember Marks and Sparks! We used to have one here in London (ON), and my Grandma, a Brit herself went there often because of the food section. I remember they imported some pretty exclusive stuff that my Gran couldn't get in even the Brit shops.

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