1986 Collegeville Halloween Costume Catalog

Collegeville was one of the leading Halloween costume manufacturers of the late twentieth century.   This extensive 1968 catalog really demonstrates the powerhouse licenses they were rocking in the 60s, including Labyrinth, The Transformers and the Go-Bots, WWF Wrasslers, Wuzzles, Rainbow Bright and the Peanuts, it’s a good group and some solid 1980s nostalgia. 1986 Collegeville […]

Destroy all Rack Toy Monsters!

It wasn’t easy to find decent Godzilla Rack Toys here in North America when I was a lad. I recently discovered this fun piece by Yamakatsu in Japan that many of us would have adored as kids, it’s Destroy all Monsters on a card! My best guess is these rubber dudes came out in the […]

Big Jim 1984 Catalog from Italy

He may have faded from our toy shelves in the 1970s but in Europe, Big Jim was still kind of a big deal. How big a deal? In this 1984 Mattel Italy catalog, Big Jim has as many pages as Masters of the Universe. By this time, the Big Jim line is firmly set in […]

Mighty Crusaders Stunt Cycle

It’s been a while since I’ve found a Rack Toy that excites me (that sounds weird) but this week I totally have. These toys come from Remco/AHI and are as I can figure, the last line of these kind of licensed affairs that AHI was so known for in the 70s and 80s.  Mighty Crusaders […]

Godzilla is no Pussycat

Click this link for a bigger view This ad is taken from a Hong Kong trade magazine, showcasing the Imperial Toys Godzilla merchandising blitz. I love stuff like this but I’m kinda mad I never saw that Mecha Godzilla at retail, that would have been soooooo mine. New Pod Stallions this Friday, all about Godzilla! 

Glass Lite Dracula from Brazil

One of my favourite monster toys of late is this tremendously quirky 1980s action figure made in  Brazil by the famous (to Star Wars collectors) Glasslite toy company. Glasslite simply released the single 3 3/4″ Dracula, no other monsters appear on the card and he’s a pretty sweet figure but that’s not the best part.   (Photo […]

The Dynamic Duo nab the Penguin

i’m almost positive this slide comes from a former Kenner file, especially seeing as these are the suits used in the mid 80s to promote the Super Powers brand. I’m loving that Batman suit….. Update: Someone was kind enough to tell me they have a similar slide with the Care Bears, this is the Cincinnati zoo and most definitely Kenner […]

Lords of Light Prototype Figure Found

I’m really happy to showcase this neat discovery of this lost Lords of Light toy. I’ve been smitten with these figures since the mid 1990s when I first found out this hidden treasure. A bit of a background on Lords of Light: After Mego Toys folded, a company known as PAC packaging (who light assembled […]