Hasbro 1973 World of Love Catalog

Hasbro described Love dolls as: “She’s what’s happening. She’s today’s American teenager and she’s part of the World of Love“. This was an interesting to attempt to combine  Fashion dolls with what was left over of the hippie movement in the early 1970s as Hasbro hoped little girls would clamour to enact adventures for Love […]

1973 Hasbro GI Joe Adventure Team Catalog

One of my favourite memories from childhood is tiny me marveling at the GI Joe adventure team boxes in the Woolco toy aisle, that’s why I always enjoy when I pick up a Hasbro catalog I don’t have. This time it’s the Adventure Team from their true high point in 1973 with such iconic toys […]

Banana Splits Flute Set by Larami

Spied this shopping on the weekend, one thing I’ve noticed about Larami toys is often the connection to the licensed product was instantly lost when you took the toy of it’s card. Not that a sticker makes it more official but you get what I’m saying. Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a limited edition […]

Quick Curl Barbie, Mod Hair Ken commercial

Good news, I stumbled on some more toy commercial reels and after years of sitting on my desk, I had them converted. First up is a little something for the ladies in the form of this early commercial. Here is a link if you can’t see the embed code. I love how putting side burns […]

Kenner’s The Tramp

I found this image in an early 70s Kenner catalog, at one point they were trying to market Charlie Chaplin to kids. I was aware of silent movies as a kid (mostly Laurel and Hardy) but this seems a bit of a reach to me, I guess toy buyers felt that way too because I […]

The 1973 Ben Cooper Catalog gets Groovy

The name “Ben Cooper” and “Halloween” are pretty synonymous to children of the 1970s/ The company produced a staggering amount of items devoted to October 31st and chances are if your parents used “store bought” costumes, they were from Ben Cooper. 1973 like every year is a load of fun, lots of popular licenses (including […]

The Bananna Splits Meet Batman

Mike sent in these little bits of greatness from 1973 (Batman) and 1971 (Splits) , I miss store bought costumes….   Still time to enter our Halloween Contest, send your vintage Halloween pics or Monster collections on down to me here and you’re in.

Bathtub Sailing

I’d really like to nominate the Fisher Price Boat pictured here as one of the greatest bathtub toys ever created. I realize there is no “bathtub toys hall of fame” but there should be, I’d visit!