Rip Off of the Jedi

Rip Off of the Jedi

star team catalog from ideal
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Ideal Toys certainly was sweet talking George Lucas with their line S.T.A.R Team toys in 1978. Each action figure had a vaguely “galaxy, far, far away” look to them. Also included is Ideal’s electronic action figures Electroman and Zogg, enjoy.

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  • chunky B on September 21, 2007

    Holy Crap! I had the Star Hawk, Zem 21, Knight of Darkness, and the blue Zeroid! I loved these things. I’ll admit at first, Christmas morning when I opened these I was like “what the hell, these aren’t the Star Wars Early Bird Figures!” (even though I don’t think they were out yet) But my parents ended up hitting a home run with these.

    Now I’m going to have to find a set of these again!

  • chunky B on September 21, 2007

    Also love the catalog copy for Zem 21…

    “he needs a Zeroid companion to do his thinking for him.”

    Don’t we all, don’t we all. What a great cross sell, “Hey kids the chrome guy is too stupid on his own, so why not pick up his much smarter buddy…”

  • Arkonbey on September 21, 2007

    I am so happy as to have never, ever seen those before in my life…

    And I had a lot of knock-off toys…

    (speaking of that. Does anyone know the identity of an action figure that came in a big pack with two costumes and sets of accessories. He could either be a pirate or a samurai (go figure) and one of his legs came off to be replaced by a peg. Thinking back, it was easily the coolest toy I had; and I had Kirk/Spock/Bones, a Starbird and the parachuting Adventure Person. If anyone knows the identity of this figure, I’d be ecstatic)

  • megomuseum on September 21, 2007

    That can only be a Matchbox Fighting Fury you’re describing:

  • Arkonbey on September 24, 2007

    Thanks MM!

    Sweet. Now I’ve got to ask Mr. Google to find me a picture of the pirate/samurai costume pack.

  • Jon Busey-Hunt on September 25, 2007

    I had every single Star Team toy. Loved them. Made up my own mythology for ’em, too — they were so cool looking.

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