Mexican Star Wars

I love this (Knock off, judging by the misspelling of the film’s title) piece from Mexico, so much so that I put it in my book Rack Toys. Funny thing is, I have no idea what it’s for, I assume it’s for an action figure but I have no clue. L’il help SW fans? Like […]

Space Shark

Man, I loves me some copyright infringing knock offs and Space Shark here is a triple play! The front featuring Mark from “Battle of the Planets” getting an assist by the Argo from “Star Blazers” neither which tie into the shark motif very well but rest assured…. Space Jaws is on the side panel! What […]

Beyond Tomorrow Again

Ever since I posted this back in 2010, I have been keeping my eyes out for one at Toy Shows. At last weekend’s Mego Meet it walked right up to me as somebody I know was selling it and wanted my opinion. I didn’t get to buy it but I did take a few better […]

1979 Kingsford Star Force Catalog

Following the blitz of Star Wars, a lot of previously unknown companies began cashing in on what the toy industry called the “Sci Fi craze” of the late 70s. These toys were often lower priced generic toys that likely offered better margin for the toy retailer. Kingsford’s line of Star Force toys is one of […]

Meet the Astro Apes

Now that I’ve introduced you to AHI‘s Action Apeman line, it seems only fitting to  get you acquainted with Warrior, Artemus, Myra and Dr Zorma, otherwise known as the Astro Apes. If the Action Apemen were blatant ripoffs (and they were) then the Astro Apes would need to go down as the “Most Blantantest Rippyoffiest Ever”. […]

Apes Week: Action Apemen

What better way to kick off Apes week than talking about one of the more interesting toy legal battles of 1974? The AHI Action Apemen (that’s the trading card I made for them above) are interesting tale of a knock off that went too far. More after the jump: You see, according to interviews with […]

International Bionic People

From the UK I bring you James Austin and Stevie Sommers, the “Don’t Sue Us” Bionic couple. These unlicensed wonders were created by Tomland, a company that seemed to get it’s kicks from knocking off Star Wars and other films. Their Star Raiders and Famous Monsters line are a both a child’s and a lawyer’s dream. […]

Oddly familiar giant gorilla

I found pretty trashed copy of the 1977 Multiple Toymakers catalog recently and the things that really struck me were these obvious King Kong Knock off sets. Both were marketed under the brand “Terror on the Tower”. This looks exactly like a set Mego made for the real Kong movie and I now really want […]

The Adventures of Don, Bill and Jac!

“Don Bill Jac” sounds a bit like an obscure early 70s film you’d catch at 4 am, there’s good reason for this as it’s the name of a toyline that could only exist in the 1970s. Don, Bill and Jac consisted of the titular heroes and their “each sold seperately” outfits and accessories. If you’ve […]