Plaid Stallions Toy-Ventures magazine Issue 7 : Super Joe Puzzle

Plaid Stallions Toy-Ventures magazine Issue 7 : Super Joe Puzzle





If you order Toy-Ventures magazine issue 7 through our store, your issue will come with a limited-edition Super Joe Puzzle


Toy-Ventures magazine issue 7 is now available for Pre-Order Shipping this June 2022


Hey Everyone, I’m so happy to announce that issue 7 of Toy-Ventures magazine is now available to pre-order.

This particular issue is absolutely jam-packed with toy love, so let’s break down what you can expect:

The Aquatic Adventures of Marine Boy– Corey LeChat takes you on a merchandise journey for this early Japanese import.

K-O Mortal Kombat Knock-Offs- Newcome Eric Gibeau talks about the amazing Mego Knock Off Mortal Kombat figures from the mid-1990s from Paco.

The Super Juniors– Chris Franklin returns to Toy-Ventures to talk about some baby superheroes.

Hasbro Super Joe- Beginning our multi-issue look at the Gi Joe “middle child” expert Steve Stovall takes on a journey through theĀ  Hasbro Super Joe toy line.

The Martian Chronicles– How did a TV mini-series starring Rock Hudson get a toy line? Only in the 1970s…

Chew Gum Warriors– New contributor Michael Grifka talks about the candy-filled space characters of the early 1980s in this awesome article.



Get a Super Joe puzzle, just like the ones that drove you nuts as a kid and it’s totally free with every order while supplies last. While supplies last, this item depicts Joe duking it out with Gor, King of the Terrons. I will not help you if you can’t figure it out. I am no Einstein.




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