Magazine Library Pack- All 11 Issues of Toy-Ventures Magazine

Magazine Library Pack- All 11 Issues of Toy-Ventures Magazine


All 9 Issues of Toy-Ventures Magazine.


Magazine Library Pack- All 11 Issues of Toy-Ventures Magazine

Toy-Ventures Library Pack of 11 issues

Toy-Ventures Library Pack of 11 issues


It’s the Magazine Megapack! You get all 11 issues of Toy-Ventures. 

All available premiums are included.

Subjects include Mego Comic Action Heroes, HR Pufnstuff, Kenner Prototypes, A Man Called Sloane, Marine Boy, Mego Superheroes, Denys Fisher Doctor Who, Palitoy Action Man, Roboskull, The Munsters, Knock-Offs, Space:1999, Basement of Horror, Chance Priest, Leicester Vintage Toyshop, Colorforms Aliens, AHI, Azrak Hamway, KISS, Godzilla, Lincoln International Monsters, Mego Mad Monsters, Collegeville Costumes, Ultra-Man, Shogun Warriors, Bootleg toys, Rack Toys, Land of the Lost, Jigglers, Planet of the Apes, Action Apeman, Hasbro Super Joe, Marty Abrams, Baby Frankenstein, Puppets, Sid and Marty Krofft, Monster Squad, STAR TEAM, Knight of Darkness, Tong, Blue Thunder, Gerry Anderson, Planet of the apes, Steel Monsters, Tonka,

Contributors include:
Tony Roberts (Analog Toys)
Corey LeChat
Chris Franklin (Fire and Water Podcast)
Jason Lenzi (Bif Bang Pow!)
Ray “Acroray” Miller
Ray Castile (Basement of Horror)
Chance Priest (Chance’s Toybox)
Alex Ross

John Toyzilla Marshall
Brian Heiler
Steve Fink
Joseph Hand (Leicester Vintage Toyshop)
Tyler Ham
Vincent Cerbone



Thank you, everyone, for the fantastic growing support of Toy-Ventures Magazine; we appreciate it when you spread the word as a small start-up; our best friend is word of mouth.






Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 10



Issue 10 is a milestone for us, and we’ve packed with a diverse grouping of stories:

Finger Puppets:

MegoMuseum creator Robyn Adams joins us for a great piece about Sesame Street Finger Puppets.

Toxic Crusade:

Bert from “Ed’s Retro Geek Out” shares some history on the Playmates Toxic Crusaders line.

The Hero with Heart (and Lungs):

Toy Industry insider Greg Autore talks about the Mattel Pulsar toy line and his research at Mattel.

Terror’s BEST Friends:

Uriel Barros shares his knowledge of the “Amigos Del Terror” toy line and the Argentinian toy trade.

Basement of Horror- Vampire Bats

Leicester Vintage Toyshop- Matchbox Cars

Mego Planet of the Apes Part 6

Cancellation on the Planet of the Apes!

Bootleg Bionics

We’ve got the OSI files on all the Knock-Off Steve Austins on those toy shelves.

Super Joe Part 4

Were you in the Super Joe Club? Steve shares the memorabilia and explains how the club has returned.

The Warriors Toybox-

Guerrors Del Manana

They Call Him SLADE: Super Agent

We discuss the groundbreaking company Shindana Toys and their man of action.



Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 9



Walloping Websnappers:

Vincent Cerbone shares this strange 8″ Tong Inc. Spider-Man discovery from France.


Mego Planet of the Apes Part 6

Our ongoing coverage of the Mego toy line continues into the second wave of action figures based on the television series.


Leicester Vintage Toyshop

Our latest column features the gang from Toyshop on Tour.


Actionized Assassins’

The Remco Ninja Strike Force action figure is an underrated bit of 80s cheese.



Basement of Horror

In this issue Ray Castile shares his story about the Marx Whistling Spooky Kooky Tree. An incredibly iconic toy.


Super Joe Part 3

Steve Stovall looks at vehicles, playsets and the amazing Terron with this third installment of Hasbro’s Super Joe toy line.


The Warriors Toybox

Chance Priest tempts us with the Castle of the Three-Headed Dragon playset by Helm Toys.


Stolen Thunder

Exploring the ill-fated Multiple Toys Blue Thunder action figure line based on the ill-fated 1984 television series.


Compact Action Heroes

The Toy-Ventures guide to the fantastic Mego Comic Action Heroes Toy line. The most comprehensive piece on the line ever produced. Foreign variations, unreleased prototypes and never before seen art from Neal Adams.



Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 8



ssue #8 of Toy-Ventures Magazine begins our new format with two regular columnists showcasing a favourite piece in their vast collections. Darran Hight, AKA Doc Multiverse, created our striking cover.


Basement of Horror– Monster toy guru and popular YouTube host Ray Castile is launching his first column with us, and man; October is the perfect month for this as we talk about “The Incredible Melting Man.”


The Warriors Toybox– We’re delighted to have Chance Priest join us for a recurring look at the neat stuff in his toy box. If you don’t know Chance’s work, you’ve been missing out; he’s a trip! The first article is all about some obscure Remco Warrior Beast toys that will have you scouring eBay.


Ghoul Like Motion– Heath Smith guides us through the world of Telco Monster Motionettes; he’s done a fantastic job of creating the ultimate guide to these Halloween classics.


Mid-Way Warriors– Shogun Warriors expert Dave Keymont joins us this issue for a look at the bootleg carnival rip offs of our favourite Machinders, this is just the beginning of our journey with Dave.


The Birth of RoboSkull– Our pal Tony Roberts (Analog Toys), alongside Bob Brechin (former Palitoy designer) takes us on an in-depth tour of developing one of the coolest 80s toys ever made, the Action Force Robo Skull. You will love this.


Hasbro Super Joe Part 2– Steve Stovall returns with his comprehensive on-going series of GI Joe’s least talked about years.


Mego Goes Ape Part 4– Our ongoing series covering the Mego Planet of the Apes line talks about the best-selling playsets of 1974 with input from Mego’s Marty Abrams.


A Wanted Man– Who is Big Bad John, one of the rarest action figures out there, and to collectors of Lincoln International, he’s our rocket-firing Boba Fett!


Single Ladies from Outer Space– The Galaxy Maidens are a bizarre entry in 80s toy history, mainly because they look like they came from a 1950s B-Movie.


Battlestar Inflatica– This article discusses the fantastic Battlestar Galactica toys we didn’t get from GLJ.


Kimba the White Lion Halloween Prototype masks– Toy-Ventures regular Corey LeChat shares obscure items from the Collegeville vaults!


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 7




This particular issue is jam-packed with toy love, so let’s break down what you can expect:

The Aquatic Adventures of Marine Boy– Corey LeChat takes you on a merchandise journey for this early Japanese import.


K-O Mortal Kombat Knock-Offs- Newcome Eric Gibeau talks about the amazing Mego Knock Off Mortal Kombat figures from the mid-1990s from Paco.


The Super Juniors– Chris Franklin returns to Toy-Ventures to talk about some baby superheroes.


Hasbro Super Joe– Beginning our multi-issue look at the GI Joe “middle child” expert Steve Stovall takes on a journey through the Hasbro Super Joe toy line.


The Martian Chronicles– How did a TV mini-series starring Rock Hudson get a toy line? Only in the 1970s…


Chew Gum Warriors– New contributor Michael Grifka talks about the candy-filled space characters of the early 1980s in this awesome article.


Mego Planet of the Apes part 3– Bendin’ and Flexin’ on the Planet of the Apes.



Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 6



Ultra Mask – Corey LeChat

Unmasking the 70s Ultraman College Halloween costume series.

S.T.A.R Wars – David Lockwood

The Knock-Offs that defeated The Empire, the Ideal Toys Star Team. It’s hard to beat the Knight of Darkness.

S’up Riches – Jonathan Sternfield

Exploring the short-lived toy company Dimensions for Children and their line of Richie Rich Toys.

Mego Planet of the Apes Part 2 –

Variations of the Apes! We continue our ongoing coverage of the Mego Planet of the Apes line with this look at the wave one figure variations.

Lost Land of the Lost – Brian Heiler

Aw man, we could have had Sleestaks! A showcase of the 1976 LJN toy line that never was.

Mall of Justice Moment – Alan Kaplan

Spider-Man and Alan in Child World with a pile of cool Remco toys.


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 5



I’m Not Like Other Guys- New contributor Tyler Ham joins us with a beautiful look at the cheeky line of toys based on the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video. The Powco toys Thriller line is charming 80s knock-off gold.

ElectroWow- David Lockwood gives us the history of the amazing exploits of Ideal’s Electroman and Zogg, bring some batteries.

The Ballad of Baby Frankenstein- Corey LeChat explores Universal’s cute version of the Frankenstein Monster and all the associated merchandise.

Toydom Come- Comics legend Alex Ross sits down with PodStallions’ Jason Lenzi and talks about his favourite vintage toys and reveals several fun bits of trivia.

Ms. Peel, we’re needed– Corey LeChat explores the rare 1960s figure based on the Avenger’s most popular character, Emma Peel.

Mego Planet of the Apes Part 1– A multi-issue series focusing on the Mego Planet of the Apes line. Part one is a discussion with Marty Abrams about his nearly 50-year relationship with the brand.


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 4


The Munster Mash– We’re visiting 1313 Mocking Bird Lane when Corey LeChat gives us a tour of one of the greatest collections of Munster merchandise ever assembled. Many of these items have never been featured in print before.

Apemen down under– William Wilson has written a wonderful piece about this Australian line of Planet of the Apes knock off figures called “The Action Apemen”

The Expandable ones- David Lockwood explores the stretchable superheroes and villains made by Funstuff in the early 1980s.

He’s Glump! He’s Glump!- We talk about the weird world of dime-store action heroes created by Durham from Yung Kung Fu to Glump the Caveman, it’s a comprehensive guide.

Super Amicis– A fun pictorial guide to this cheeky line of figures based on the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes.


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue3



Captain Zargon Cover by Tim Baron!


Beware His Stingray Eyes-

Tony Roberts host of the analog toys channel on Youtube tells the story behind the development of Action Man’s greatest Foe Captain Zargon.

Megobase Alpha – We take a detailed look at Mego and Palitoy’s wonderful Space:1999 range with a complete collector guide including the line’s history and development, all known variations, knock offs and it’s resurrection in the 2000s.

The Challenge Machines, Leave it to Popy of Japan to take the Evel Knievel toy concept and some home grown tv heroes to the mix. Corey LeChat gives a beautiful look at these winning toys, you’ll want to play with them!

The Art of Mego Superheroes – Chris Franklin has created a knock-out piece sourcing the iconic origins of Mego’s World’s Greatest Superheroes brand.

Collector Spotlight – Our first interviewee is pop culture author John “Toyzilla” Marshall as we talk about the hobby and show examples from his incredible, eclectic collection.

Toy-Ventures Guide to Lincoln International Monsters

The centerpiece of issue 3 is an exhaustively researched guide to this incredible and highly collectible line of Monster Toys, including company history and a visual guide to every known figure and packaging variation.


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 2



H.R. Puppet Stuff! By Kroffty

This colorful piece tracks the careers of the legendary Sid and Marty Krofft through puppet merchandise, it will make you smile.

The Lost Outer Space Men

Contributor Steve Fink returns with another tale of tracking down an impossible grail or in this case, six, the legendary second series of Colorforms Outer Space Men.

Godzilla’s Gang

Ray Miller does a deep dive into the 1978 Mattel “Godzilla’s Gang” toyline, highlighting their origins. This is a lot of fun.

The Toy-Ventures Guide to Denys Fisher Doctor Who

One of my passions, the Mego produced Doctor Who toy line is explored in great detail with prototype shots, variations and never before seen reveals.

A figure called Sloane

Chris G blew us away when he discovered the abandoned Kenner Toy Line to the obscure 1970s TV series “A Man Called Sloane”. Did I mention that I love that show?

Oscillating Vibrations

A love letter to the Saturday morning series “Monster Squad” with a complete merchandise guide featuring never before seen items such as the Ideal Toys prototype figures..


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 1



Issue #1 of Toy-Ventures magazine is a salute to the celebrated toy company Azrak-Hamway International


Set Phasers for Fun– How AHI turned Star Trek’s phasers and the USS Enterprise itself into major profits.

The Guide to World Famous Super Monsters– The most comprehensive gallery of AHI’s Universal Monsters action figure compiling every known figure and packaging variant plus we even delve into company history and solve a few mysteries.

Now, SkyDive Like Apes!

The weird world of AHI’s Planet of the Apes toys.

I wanted the Best!

Steve recalls his long journey to own the fabled AHI KISS microphone.

Rack Toys:1999-A deep dive into the world of Space:1999 merchandise including some toys owned by Martin Landau himself.

Crime Fighting Drop Zone- We talk about the long-running series of Super Heroes on Parachautes including card variations and prototypes.

Adorable Horror- The Official World Famous Super Monsters Bend ‘Ems!


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