Pod Stallions 94: Video Store Memories

Pod Stallions 94: Video Store Memories

Two for Tuesdays. New Release Wednesdays. Three-Day Rentals. Skinemax listings? Or familiar terminology from the video store days? As it happens, it’s both! But this episode of Pod Stallions we’re focusing on the latter, the glory days of the 80s-90s video revolution.

Rentals changed the world, some movies never got to theaters, we had access to movies we’d only ever read about, and best of all we saw the day that we could OWN copies of the films we loved. It truly was a great era to live thru, and we’re celebrating all of it in the new Pod Stallions, from video store employee chums (and working at one ourselves) to building home libraries, it’s an all-new copy of Pod Stallions about our Videocassette Pasts. (Please rewind after listening!).

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