Pod Stallions 43: Top Ten Things We Miss about the 1970s

Pod Stallions 43: Top Ten Things We Miss about the 1970s

Pod Stallions
Pod Stallions
Pod Stallions 43: Top Ten Things We Miss about the 1970s

Our website turns 10 this month so we begin by discussing it’s origins and why it came to be. With the topic already being nostalgia, we thought it would be fun to talk about the top ten thing we miss about the 1970s.

This is not a “things were better in our day” type discussion (We like Ebay and YouTube just fine thank you very much) but more about the certain rituals, tastes, establishments and items that sadly, no longer have a place in our modern world.

Topics range from Saturday morning TV to local toy stores, full comic book racks everywhere you looked, ice cream men on bicycles, long gone fast foods, Jason’s crush on Rhoda Morgensten (and her mom!), Network Stars Battling, Heroes World adverts, colorful home decor and of course, wish books. 

Be careful with episode 43 because the filling is hot!

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AKA Brian Heiler author of "Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings" and co-editor of "Toy-Ventures Magazine". Co-Host of the "Pod Stallions" podcast. Host of the Brick Mantooth Youtube channel, painter, designer, writer, mental health advocate, toy collector, Mego, and Mego Knock-Off enthusiast. I have large feet, ADHD and I live in Canada. Talk toys, not others.

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  • Desdinova on April 16, 2016

    I loved this episode. So many memories and I like how this wasn't one of that "axe to grind" or "soured on the world" nostalgia that my former classmates on Facebook or older co-workers indulge in. They are like the people you mentioned who do not talk about toys or cartoons. They seem to be only show great memories for being whipped with a belt (They're Ozarkers). You guys are right, there is interest, especially on Tumblr, by younger people in music and movies of the past.

    On small correction, Pat Paulsen was on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour & Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, not Laugh-In.

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