Kentucky Fried Chicken Playset

I think this Kentucky Fried Chicken play set is one of the more charming toy concepts I’ve seen in a while.  I’d also like to say I want that little Col. Sanders more than air currently. I guess this was even TV advertised, I certainly don’t remember the commercials.

Live Long and Are You Going to Finish Your Fries?

I kind of went “primal geek” this past weekend when I took my kids to Burger King. The current Star Trek (well deserved) movie hype and promotion harkens back to when I was a lad and McDonalds ran their Star Trek Happy Meals. Somehow I conned my Mum into going more than once during that […]

A Bright Future in Sales

One has to wonder if there was anyone who grew up loving this Burger King Playset and then later ended up working at a real Burger King. I know I used to pretend I had a variety store as a kid and eventually ended up a register monkey for a couple of years. I never […]