Mego Star Trek and Buck Rogers – 1980 Consumer’s Distributing Catalog

Mego Star Trek and Buck Rogers – 1980 Consumer’s Distributing Catalog

Mego Star Trek and Buck Rogers


One of the pages that I drooled over in the 1980 Consumer’s Distributing catalogue would be this spread of Mego (Well here in Canada, Grand Toys), Star Trek the Motion Picture and Buck Rogers toys.

I was that kid who loved the Motion Picture merchandise mainly because of the Marvel comic. Buck Rogers was also “must-see TV” in my household.

Consumers had a great assortment of Mego Star Trek merchandise, including four of the Aliens. All of the Aliens were sold in Canada because Grand Toys paid upfront for merchandise with a letter of credit, so even though Star Trek was a dud for Mego, the second wave hit Canadian shores regardless.

For Buck Rogers, I vividly remember clipping out the figure sets (which came in little brown catalogue boxes that I wish I could find) and pasting them to my Christmas list that year.

However, the Mego Buck Rogers line was not to be. My parents decided I had too many figure lines. They had a good case, citing the whole “Battlestar Galactica” debacle (had to have the figures, never gelled with the show). I really couldn’t find a loophole, so despite my love for the series (I still love it!), I had to settle for playing with my friend’s Buck figures when he visited.

The one odd thing about the Mego Buck Rogers assortment in the consumers’ catalogue is the omission of the Star Fighter, quickly the most popular vehicle in the line. Instead, however, the Land Rover is pretty darn swell.






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