Blake’s 7 Cosmic Strike Force

Blake’s 7 Cosmic Strike Force

This one blew my mind, UK Toy distributor Jotastar (who sold a lot of AHI stuff in the UK) plastered the Blake’s Seven logo on some unrelated friction space ships in the early 1980s.

They have no relation to the program but I must admit I want them. For those not in the know, Blake’s Seven was a series produced by the BBC and created by Terry Nation who also spawned the Daleks. 
While it had lower production values than Doctor Who, it was kind of a dark show and really ahead of it’s time. Which makes the concept of cheapy rack toys even more sublime…

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  • Marcello (UK) on September 11, 2012

    Blake's Seven is/was one of the finest sci fi telly programmes of all time…apart from the ending…

  • Plaidstallions on September 11, 2012

    I'm really fond of it, one of these days I'll find the time to re-watch it.

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