5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

EBAY LINK Starzinger-SpaceKeteers Helmet-  The animated antics of “Force Five” didn’t hit the Toronto market until I was way too old to enjoy it but I really remember watching it on Channel 47. Spaceketeers was the one show that wasn’t somehow connected to the Shogun Warriors, I haven’t thought of it in a long while […]

Robin High Flying Hang Glider

This one is new to me, even when I saw it I assumed it was an 80s or 90s piece and the seller had made a mistake but nope, this is 1978 Robin Rack Toy by Jotastar. The boy wonder can’t get enough toy love as far as I’m concerned.

Blake’s 7 Cosmic Strike Force

This one blew my mind, UK Toy distributor Jotastar (who sold a lot of AHI stuff in the UK) plastered the Blake’s Seven logo on some unrelated friction space ships in the early 1980s. They have no relation to the program but I must admit I want them. For those not in the know, Blake’s […]