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Denys Fisher Android – Enemy of Cyborg

Denys Fisher Android I picked up this wonderful boxed Android from the Densy Fisher Cyborg Line at last summer’s PowerCon. It was a trade with my long-time and trusted friend Mark Huckabone, so I had never thought of opening it until today.   I got a real treat inside as the figure is C10 unused […]

Mego Wave 18 Superheroes plus contest (Mint Off Card)

  Mego Museum’s Mint Off Card unboxes a couple of the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes figures from Wave 18, and we’re having a special contest for a free Wave 18 figure. Special Thanks to for the prize donation. mego #megomuseum #unboxing     Order Early and get an Infl8able Monster at no extra charge […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

  70s Kung Fu Board Game (eBay Link) — I’ve had this thing on my watchlist for weeks, it’s so damned wonderful. It is a total collage of what the inside of my head looked like at 11. I just don’t know where I’d put all this stuff. Display box of Vintage Monster Rings (eBay […]

Pod Stallions 119: Joe Flaherty Tribute

Life is swings and roundabouts, we are lucky to live through times enjoying brilliant art, but as the years creep on, we lose more of the artists. Joe Flaherty gave us more laughs than can be counted, and because he means so much to us we do our best to honour him, his many characters […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Mattel Slime with Worms commercial (eBay Link) — I never had slime as a kid, well, not “official Mattel brand” Slime; I did manage some through a grocery store vending machine (so good!) For some reason, I vividly remember this commercial and really wanting the stuff. In hindsight, this sort of thing is almost impossible […]

Who is Prank ‘N Stein? – Toy-Ventures

  Issue 12 Toy-Ventures magazine delves deep into a toy that, sadly, never was. Prank ‘N Stein was a 90s toy concept by Canada’s Irwin Toys that would have rivalled Kenner’s Hugo Man of a Thousand Faces in our monster kid hearts. Read about Prank ‘N Stein and much more in issue 12 of Toy-Ventures […]

7 Awesome Things on eBay this week

  Spider-Man and Captain America Richochet Racers (eBay Link) — I’ve never owned these toys but have always been obsessed with them since I saw them at my friend Richard’s House. None of it makes sense and none of it has to, I always loved the comic book ad for this, it also makes zero […]

Weird Superhero Merchandise Panel from Toronto Comic Con

  Weird Superhero Merchandise Panel from Toronto Comic Con PlaidStallions Toy-Ventures hosted its first Comic-Con panel this year, where we looked at the weirdest merchandise for Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and especially the Hulk! Co-Hosted by Sam Noir (@heysamnoir) with a live draw by children’s book illustrator, Danesh Mohiuddin (@daneshmo) Toy-Ventures is our magazine; we’re […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week Battlestar Galactica Vertibird (eBay Link) — Okay, so technically, this isn’t a Battlestar Galactica toy, but it totally is. Mattel pulled a little label-slap action (something that is VERY Mattel)  swapping BSG (which I assume aired in Italy?) with the very popular Mazinga Z television series. Such “nobody […]

Toy-Ventures Issue 12 Cover and Prize Reveal

Good News! Issue 12 of Toy-Ventures magazine is now up for pre-order. Issue 12 is a celebration of Stretch Monster featuring a deluxe gatefold cover by Mr. Peter Carsillo (Cover artist for Issue). Articles include The Hiliarious House of Prank ‘N Stein Stretch Monster is NOT Indestructible Time of the Mego Apes Palitoy Commander Power […]