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Pod Stallions: Trick or Treat Grab Bag

Pod Stallions Episode 114 Trick or Treat Grab Bag. Anyone who knows the Pod Stallions boys knows our love of Halloween borders on the obsessive. In fact, it’s so strong that one single topic isn’t enough for our final Halloween episode. So this one’s a Trick R Treat Grab Bag of sugary, monster-loving goodness. Movies, […]

Lincoln Monsters brings back the Retro Monster action figure

Lincoln Monsters brings back the Retro Monster action figure Toronto, Ontario, October 31, 2023- A vintage toy brand is rising from the grave! “Lincoln Monsters”  is a new collaboration from White Elephant Toyz, Absolutely Retro and Plaid Stallions, who have joined forces to make dimestore retro monsters. The name is inspired by the legendary knock-off […]

Vintage Mego: Mego Mystery SOLVED!

Tonight at 9:30: Vintage Mego is back with a mind-blowing update; for decades, Mego collectors have wondered, “Who is this guy?” and, well, we finally know his name. #brickmantooth #megomuseum #mego If you want to read about this, check out Toy-Ventures Issue 11 with features an article about this discovery: #mego #megomuseum #actionfigures Mego […]

5 Awesome Halloween Costumes on eBay this week

It’s Halloween and if you’re struggling for what to wear, check out 5 Awesome Halloween Costumes on eBay this week: Bewitched Halloween Costume (eBay Link) — I grew up loving BeWitched as a kid and while this suit is before my time, I do have to give props for trying to capture Elizabeth Montgomery here. […]

Pod Stallions 113: Halloween TV Episodes

Pod Stallions 113: Halloween TV Episodes Pod Stallions returns with an episode about all the times sitcoms got spooky, Mrs. Garrett vs Cannibals, Fonz fights a headless zombie, and Vincent Price is filling the Love Boat with blood! #podcast #podstallions Listen to Pod Stallions on Spotify     Check out our latest video: BraIn Join […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Meccano ROM from France (eBay Link) — International versions of ROM: Space Knight are super fun, and I’m not sure I’d ever seen this one before.  As cool as this is, I still think my favourite ROM is when he joined the Action Man team.  Spectreman Pannini stickers (eBay Link) – Wow, I loved Panninni […]

1977 Donny and Marie Osmond Rack Toy Catalog (Gordy International)

The popularity of the Sid and Marty Krofft-produced “Donny and Marie” television show spawned a plethora of merchandise, most famously the fashion doll line from Mattel. However, the show was so popular, it was “Rack Toy” popular and Gordy International, a prolific 1970s impulse toy maker, issued a special catalog of merchandise to follow suit. […]

Pod Stallions Shorts: Halloween Commercials

It’s Spooky Season, and we’re kicking it off with a look at some nostalgic Halloween Commercials from the 70s to the 1980s. Check it out, and remember, Peter Pumpkin says, “Don’t crisscross the streets!” Look for a new audio Podcast this weekend as well. #podstallions #vintagehalloween #halloween #halloweencommercials BraIn Join our weekly newsletter. The Super […]

Toy-Ventures Issue 11 is on the press

It is with cathartic pleasure that I announce that issue 11 of Toy-Ventures is at the press stage, I’m reviewing the first round draft right now. While it is late, I prefer to think of it as “slow cooked,” and I feel it’s some of the best stuff we’ve ever put out. Tonka’s Steel Monsters […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Remco Wonder Woman Utility Belt (eBay Link) – I’m an ardent fan of the Remco Utility belt and breaker of at least two. While the quality varied from character to character, this Wonder Woman set was particularly great; every girl on my street had one.  Remco Star Trek Astro-Train (eBay Link) — Speaking of Remco, […]