1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog – Manimal – Secret Wars – Sword & the Sorcerer

1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog – Manimal – Secret Wars – Sword & the Sorcerer

1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog

Even though Fleetwood began in the 1970s by grabbing such high-brow licenses as Charlie’s Angels and the Marvel Comics Superheroes for Rack Toys, the 1980s seemed to be the company’s high point with them retaining many high ticket licenses from TV and movies.

1984 is a good example of how Fleetwood was doing with some of the most popular TV faces like the A-Team and TJ Hooker, alongside riskier brands like Sword and the Sorcerer and Manimal. The Marvel Superheroes were back under the Secret Wars brand and they even dabbled in a little Hardcastle and McCormick.

1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog Cover

1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog- TJ HOOKER

TJ Hooker was Fleetwoods vehicle to sell toy guns, handcuffs, and police cars that year. If you asked me, they totally missed the boat not having a car with a Shatner figure on the hood.


1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog- THE A TEAM

The A-Team was huge with kids and it gave Fleetwood the excuse to slap a label on a bunch of Rack Toy standards. In this case, even the toolset makes sense!


1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog- The A Team

That Mr T Flashlight is absolutely inspired.


1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog

Daydreams and Cuddles were two in-house lines for Fleetwood to capture the girl’s market. They didn’t seem to have any female-centric licenses this year.


1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog Sword and the Sorcerer

Sword and the Sorcerer was an R-rated affair that came out in 1982 (although a lot of us discovered it on cable). It’s very odd to see toys for children based on a film with nudity and gore. Also, are these the only toys based on an Albert Pyun film? I think so.

1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog Sword and the Sorcerer- Manimal

Manimal was a short-lived NBC TV series famous for its very strange premise. Some of the Manimal “figures” ended up in Sword and the Sorcerer sets. This should surprise no one.


1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog Marvel Secret Wars

Fleetwood had a long-running relationship with Marvel Comics  which continued when the line rebranded under the Secret Wars banner. Instead of parachuting superheroes, they became balloonists, which is even sillier.
Hardcastle and McCormick was an ABC series about an ex-judge and ex-con teaming up blah, blah, blah, everyone remembers the car.


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