1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog – Manimal – Secret Wars – Sword & the Sorcerer

1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog Even though Fleetwood began in the 1970s by grabbing such high-brow licenses as Charlie’s Angels and the Marvel Comics Superheroes for Rack Toys, the 1980s seemed to be the company’s high point with them retaining many high ticket licenses from TV and movies. 1984 is a good example of how Fleetwood […]

Seriously, there were Manimal toys

  I don’t think this would be headline news anywhere else but here. If you recall NBC’s “Manimal”, the TV show that kind of made a laughing stock of the network for a period in the 1980s. The show revolved around a crime fighter who just happened to be able to turn into animals. So […]