Spider-Man’s Web of Terror

For Superhero who can’t drive and is sorta poor, Spider-Man has some killer cars. We have a PodCast! It’s fun, please listen. Check out our Instagram for more stuff like this blog. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Vintage Toy Store Pictures Volume 18

For this year’s last Friday feature, I bring you my favourite of all sections of PlaidStallions another volume of vintage toy store pictures! Celebrating the time when we had unique independent retailers dotting our landscape and came up with colourful and and interesting ways of selling us toys. Volume 18 is our biggest yet and loaded with […]

Meet the Hot Wheels Guy

Kudos to Jeremy for sending in these cool shots of him meeting the Hot Wheels guy not once, but twice in one summer. The first encounter taking place at a Hill’s department store (that’s where the toys are) and the second at a mini mall. I had no idea Hot Wheels had a guy, Jeremy […]

1975 Mattel Hot Wheels Catalog

Mattel launched the HotWheels brand in 1968 and the free wheeling 1:64 scale muscle cars became a household world by the early 1970s. By 1975, the brand was doing what it does best, creating great looking cars and complicated racing playsets, a formula they still use today. 1975 Hot Wheels Catalog

Mattel Toy Book for 1969

Normally I don’t delve much in 60s toys as I wasn’t made yet but I couldn’t resist this cool catalog put out for kids by Mattel pre Christmas 1969. The main reason for me is that it solves a big mystery for me. In Kindergarton I played with these blue plastic men, never knew what […]

Mattel 1976 Superstar Christmas Fun Book

These great little colour digests were likely distributed in newspapers and at retail locations, hoping to load children’s Christmas wishlists with Mattel products. It’s a great smattering of hot toys of the day from the classic Barbie and Hot Wheels to 70’s phenoms Pulsar and the Sweathogs, this booklet is a nice cruise down memory […]

Big Jim knows what time it is!

I had no idea Mattel was so watch friendly, not only can you get Big Jim, Barbie and Hot Wheels watches as well. The Big Jim He-Man watch is probably my favourite though, I wonder if Mattel licensed a He Man watch ten years later?